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Most organizations simply want to know that you are genuinely interested in serving the same mission they seek to fulfill. Again, do your research on the organization and show them you support the same goals as theirs.
Answer examples
"I want to use my skills to serve a less fortunate population, because I am passionate about helping others and educating them about ways they can better themselves."
"I am interested in volunteering to give back to my community and build relationships with likeminded people. These are the experiences that make all the difference."

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User-Submitted Answers

To broaden social skills, mutual learning, interacting with other people through art has been helpful for me via self expression, volunteering to assist other people in their journey with art would be a satisfying experience.
I am interested in volunteering because I am starting school soon in march and I want to experience everything I need to learn to become a CNA .
Helping people makes me feel good. Also, I seek a career in the medical field, so this voluntary program it is a good starts for me.
I am interested so I can work with a different age group and engage in the community.
A life without helping people is not a life I want to live. I think volunteering will help me become a person I want to be and help me stay on the right path and keep a positive outlook on life.
With the summer coming up and my schedule slowing down, I knew I wanted to volunteer somewhere so that I could put my time off to good use. And when I saw the email from Ms. Hollingshead about the position, I though it looked like the perfect opportunity to gain experience in a position that was related to my field of study.
I am interested because I feel that it will benefit me in addition to others.
Because I like working with people and to gain more experience.
I enjoy serving others and I want to experience working with patients or at least working in a hospital setting because not only do I want to work in one long term one day but I appreciate the work that hospitals do and I want to be a part of it.
I enjoy working with people & I think volunteering my summer would be a great way to enhance my skills & learn more about the hospital.
I really like to give back to the community. Yes it would help me gain recent experience, but if I cannot work in the field I want to volunteer.
To gain experience that will help me in other activities as well as jobs in the future.
I am interested in volunteering because I like to help people and it is a way in which I am able to help others.
I enjoy helping others because if I were in the same situation I hope that the same would be done to me.
I like to do something that gives me satisfaction - working with special children or animals help me realise how blessed I am to help others.
I am a pre nursing major and I am very interested on getting a hands on hospital experience.
I think that to participate in social work, in a project like this, is the best way to do something that really fits to me. I feel the need to grow as a persons, enriching my culture, language and learning from people that are working.
I want to volunteer because I want to experience the different health career options gain experience and develop my patient care and communication skills.
To fulfill a requirement for a school program and to get experience with patient care in a hospital setting.
I want to gain hospital experience. I hope to go to medical school one day. I am also interested in seeing how the biomedical instruments are used in the hospital and I hope to gain ideas on new biomedical instruments that I can possibly create for my senior year project.
I have spare time and want to give my time to something useful.
It will develop my skill and I will have satisfaction in helping others.
I love the idea of helping others and be generous with my time without wanting anything in return. I feel truly rewarded working this way. It also makes me realise my gifts and talents and be grateful that I can use them to serve others. I enjoy meeting new people, embracing new experiences and learning new skills, which always come with volunteering.
I would like to utilize my interests and skills by assisting in the volunteer community. I believe volunteering makes adifference in all lives who participate.
Not only is it necessary for completing high school, but I also feel the need to give back to my community.
I want to give something back to the community and impact the lives of others, especially that of the youth.
I am interested in volunteering in order to get some experience this summer and be able to obtain some volunteer hours, as well as know that I helped out with animals, which I have always wanted to do since I was little.
I would liek to make my time usefeul by helping people and staff and at the same time it would help me brush up my skills.
I like helping people. I also want to gather the experience of volunteering in a hospital.
I love new exspiriances and I needed to go into the real world for a program at school.
Because I would like to help people and make a diference in somebody life.
I have two reasons. One, it looks good on a resume and will give me work experience. Two, I want to help people and do something good.
After watching the Olympic in London 2012, it give me inspiration to volunteer in Rio 2016
I am very much interested to be a volunteer because I want to relief my stress and wanted to gain multisectoral and multicultural environment.It will also help to develop my career.
I would like to be in a work field enviornment and want to help others.
Learning new things. Friends Values Cultuers.
I like meeting new people, coordinating people. i love to take risks and responsibilities.
I would like to make the most of my gap year, experiencing the hospital environment before medical school and contributing to the healthcare team. Id also love to meet new people and help them through tough times during illness.
I love helping people who are in need.
Volunteering especially in calacademy will help me interact people and help the community.
Well first of all I believe science world is a very great facility and I believe that I can benefit it. People at science world give tons of children and even people from all age groups good memories. I would like to help in that process of giving good experiences to the people that come here. Secondly I do need volunteer hours for school and for my education, so its a win win situation for myself.
I am interested in volunteering, because I have done some volunteering in the past, as a part of a school project I arranged a soup run, in which two girls and I helped with running out soup to people in disadvantaged situations. Some of these people lived on the streets, some in commision housing. The feeling of helping out people who needed it really made me feel great about being alive, and I want to spend more of my time helping out those who need it, because I know I can make a difference if I just try and put some effort in, someone could really benefit. I like to think I can help make the world a better place while I am still here.
I want to learn how the work is done in a corporate environment.
To use my skills to help people.
I am currently hoping to gain as much experience as possible from volunteering with several different types of organizations. My long term goal is to be able to help others as a career. I feel like volunteering is such a major opportunity to learn and challenge myself doing things I would otherwise never get to experience.
I am interested in volunteering because I want to help the community have a healthier longer live and I want to have an idea what I need to do or what is expected from me when I become a nurse.
I want to give back to our community.
I am interested because I wish to gain experience in working in a hospital.
New to the area and enjoy working and meeting new people. Seems like a great place to volunteer and something great to be a part of and I would like to be a part of that. I hope to gain more skills.
I want to see what goes on behind a festival and learn about it, I also what to be part of it,
Volunteering is something I have always been passionate about and I think its a really important role, where you should give your time and energy towards issue you are passionate about and which effects me personally.
I am interested in volunteering to gain work experience for my university degree.
Just moved to Lindsay hoping to meet new people.
I want to gain experience, learn new things and develop myself.
I am mainly interested in volunteering f or the experience it will provide. I want to get a brief idea on what this career path is like so that I know what kind of decisions I am making.
To get more social skills, mutual learning, self expression.
I am interested in volunteering specially in a hospital because I plan to develop experience in the health care field. Especially since it is somewhere where I plan to pursue a career in.
Want to learn something new . Want t get involved with the society.
I would like to spend my time for my community.
I'm really interested in organization's mission, and I would be really interested to be involve in this mission.
I've never done volunteering work before so I really wanted to experience and learn something new from it.
Because I want to inspire others.
It gives me the opportunity to help out a cause that I have interest in while also developing my core skills as an artist.
I would like to gain experience, learn new skills, meet new people, and give back to the community.
I'd be interested for several reasons, for one thing I'd like to get a feel for what it's like to work in a lab setting and see if research, and especially in this area, would be a right fit for me moving forward. For another, I'm very much interested in Dr. Pruessner's research and I've read the papers he's recently published on stress mechanisms.
Firstly, I understand the need for hospital volunteers. There are constantly cutbacks at a hospital which may compromise the care for patients. I believe that hospital volunteers alleviate some of the pressures that fall on doctors and nurses and allow them to make their patients their top priority and better their long term care. I also enjoy working with people, and am eager for an opportunity to make someone's day a little bit brighter.
Because I feel that firstly if someone wants to help a charity then it's great to be able to give your time rather than just your money. I also feel that this particular organisation genuinely deserves people's support probably because I've always been aware of people's illnesses particularly cancer because my father is a radiologist, and my mum has been working as a palliative care nurse since I can remember. I believe in the ause, and I believe that what I give will not be wasted.
I always wanted to work in the medical field. Volunteering at here will give me the opportunity to have an experience in hospitals.
Because I like being of service to other people. I like when people benefit from what I can offer that could help them in one way or the other.
Because I will like to give back to the people who need help and help out my community.
I am interested in volunteering because I want to help people who need help to make them happy.
I learn something new everyday.
I like to work as a volunteer so that I can meet people socialize myself learn some things new and useful daily ,
I want to find a job that I can enjoy and that is fulfilling, so that I can commit long term.
I believe that volunteering would help me improve myself as a person by developing my empathy, patience and communication skills as well as allowing me to make a difference, although small, in another person's life. I can fill up my free time in a constructive, useful way and I can even learn life skills from the elderly.
I am a premed student, I am interested in medical or even science related project, also I plan to apply for albert einstein college, so it is good to learn the way you do things and find some inspiration and motivation from the research.
My interest is helping others and helping myself to be a better person.
I really want to do something with my time. I been feeling like I've been wasting my time lately. So rather than sitting home and watching something that isn't going to benefit me, I should watch something that I might possibly doing as my future career.
Part of my pre req in my major.
I appreciate to participant the operation of the entire organization of this event and activities during volunteering, get to know people of different backgrounds and experiences and solve problems in the process. This is considerably different from the salary working environment.
My parents always tell me if you want to get something, you need to give something else first. Being a volunteer, does make me happy, make me feel that I am useful and I am helping our world become better. I think it is the best way to be real happy and spend my time meaningful.
Because I have a exposal in english about volunteering.
I want to help the community and also get some experience working in a larger organization in a field that I am interested in pursuing.
I am interesting in volunteering because I want to give back to the community. I've always made time for community service projects and during my time doing service, I've met very wonderful people. It opened my eyes and made me realize the importance of knowing the community around you.
A part of your life must be utilised to make some positive difference in other's lives.
I believe that by volunteering I can be very helpful for my society as well as improve my professional skills.
I want to grow up my thinking and have new experience.
To help others whilst gaining knowledge and experience.
Because it gave me a chance to find new network.
I like to give back something to my community, and help people positivly.
To have new experience aside my course of study, make new friend and learn different culture.
I think it is a good work. It can make me that open world. I can see the difference world.
I am interested in volunteering because I want to experience the hospital setting and what it is like if its going to be something I want to do for the rest of my life.
I'm interested in volunteering here because I'm in grade 10 and now is the time where we are exploring career paths, and medicine is one path that I am interested in.
I like people and always wanted to work in a hospital.
To help serve the community properly.
I would love to see this environment close as I need to pursue a career in future.
Because I love working with people and possibly becoming a doctor one day has always interested me.
I am interested in volunteering because I want to pursue being a nurse and I would like to experience the medical field to see if this is right for me. I also like to help people.
I would like to meet new people and help them.
Would like to help in community by working with an organization that lives its mission. A mission that touches lives.
I want to have the opportunity to be of service to my acquaintances, my family, and the greater community while also gaining the personal satisfaction of knowing that I have helped others.
I am intrested in volunteering because I enjoy helping people and I want to see if the medical feild is somthing that I would like to make a creer out of.
I would like to gain communuty service hours.
I interested in volunteering I want to learn new things and also need experience.
I would like to get as involved in the community as possible and try to learn as many different lifestyles as I can. Volunteering is also an amazing way to learn about my interests in order to do something I love as a career. This enables me to explore my different areas of interest while helping others.
I want to use my existing skills in a really useful way, but learn new ones that I might take forward into a future career after I complete my degree.
I'm very passionate about helping others and I enjoy doing so .
Gaining valuable experience is a big part of why I want to volunteer, however I am also interested simply to feel like I am making a difference, in at least one person's life, even if it's just something small, I get a sense of accomplishment and pride in being helpful.
I would like to help others and make the world brighter.
To widen my knowledge and skills in the diiferent fields of study.
Help my fellow man, give them sympathy and whatever service I can; especially since I have some experience in this area.
I have a heart for this demographic. My job is currently not in the field, but I would still love to be making an impact in this field if I can. I have some free time, and I feel that I could be using it to benefit someone else.
Gives me a chance to get more experience that can help me with getting a job later on in my future.
I am intrested in volunteering because I want to be an optometist.
I am enjoying helping an assisting people.
It make me feel good and it's very fulfilling act.
Interested in healthcare and want to become a doctor.
Why are you interested in volunteering? I'm interested in volunteering because for one I love volunteering that feeling I get when I help someone or do something nice for somebody is so great and just makes me feel so good, but also I want to volunteer because I'm very shy and sometimes it gets really hard but I believe putting myself out there to take this weakness will help make me more comfortable and less shy. I really do believe it will help me overcome my fears and make my weaknesses my strengths.
I love to help people that need the extra help. I know doctors and nurses have a lot to handle and I want to take weight off their shoulders. I also want to go into the medical field as an adult.
I'm interested because I really enjoy pushing myself to grow as a person in meaningful ways. I want to improve in my interpersonal skills as well as gain more knowledge in general. I think volunteering is the perfect way to do that because I'm helping people simultaneously as I'm growing.