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Are you involved in other organized activities?
How to answer
If the answer is "no" share something that you do in your free time that might be a regular activity or involving other people. If the answer is "yes," share what you like about it and why you joined.
Answer examples
"Yes, of course! Once a month I visit the local food bank and serve lunch to the homeless or drug recovering community. I also donate items to the Veterans as often as I can."
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User-Submitted Answers

Are you involved in other organized activities?
I teach vbs, play filed hockey, run track, do dance, in national junior honor society.
Yes, I attend art exhibitions, meetings and events.
Yes, I am in the Canadian Cancer Society organization which helps cancer patients varying all types of cancer all over the GTA. I am in the Girl Guides Organization as well as the Halton Gujarati Samaj Organization.
Yes! I am in a volunteer club at school that is just starting up. We do fun science projects and show them to inner city elementary schools. I am also part of the science club and literacy club.
Yes. I quite enjoy opportunities to work with others.
I am involved in my schools NJROTC program and I am a boy scout.
I have been involved in the past, with Big Brothers/Big sisters, Health unit--Emergency training, LAWC, Social committee at work as well as Health and safety superviser.
No I have not been in other organized activities. It is one of the reasons why I would like to volunteer so that I can gain experience.
Yes, I am involved in other activities. Every weekend, I go to a temple and help out with the kids classes.
Yes, I am in a sorority. I am on committees for two philanthropic clubs and I am in the prenursing club.
Yes, I participate in an out of school orchestra, I was on both the wrestling and track team at school, also I played on a recreational basketball team this winter.
Well I have been playig the violin now for 9 years.
I am currently volunteering for a student run free clinic where I work as an interpreter. I also work part time as a outrech ambassador at a local community college.
Yes, Ido.Involving activities like makes me confident and happy.
Yes, I volunteer in several capacities through my church.
Yes I am involved with a new lutheran church in staten island. The first of every month we hand out donated clothes for those in need.
Currently, I am involved in Circle K International at my college. We conduct many community service events. We tutor at nearby elementary schools in Trenton and make cards for children and families in hospitals during holiday time.
- I currently play recreational division 1 soccer in the ladies league and I also enjoy particular hobbies like running, doing varies crafts and some summer projects, hiking, kayaking, going to camp...
No, I am not involved in other organized activities right now.
Currently I am not involved any organized activities.
Yes I am involved in many.
I play netball in a team as well as doing gym rotations on a regular basis with a group.
Yeah I take part in ap youth at ap.
Why do you want to be a volunteer?
Volunteering and part time work.
Yes, I have participated in various programs and festivals such as the toronto Fringe festival.
Yes ,In India I used to work as a volunteer in sai seva service.There we organize so many activities like medical camp, supporting old ages as per their needs, offering clothes and books for kids, society cleaning etc. I also involved all these activities . So I liked to do as a volunteer.
Yes, I am involved with different groups at my church. These groups include the Catholic Girls League, of which I am an executive member.
No this is my first time doing voluntary job.
Yes apart from HIV AIDS I am also involv.
Not yet but I am looking forward to involved in yours :)
At the moment I am not involved in other organized activities. However, in the upcoming academic year I plan on joining a few clubs such as ICTM, WYSE ad the volleyball team.
No, now I am not involving in any organization.
Yes, I am a full time student at UofT, I am part of the soccer team there, and am involved in two clubs at the university.
In college, I was on the Service Prefects team which involved collectively raising funds for a special needs school and organising social events for elderly residents of care homes.
I am involved in playing piano and volunteering at my church.
Yes I do. I was a volunteer for Australia China Centre for Public Health. I served in their annually forum. I helped our guests to do the registration, introduced about our centre and Brisbane city, and gave assistance during the forum.
No, not at the moment. I have been searching for part time jobs and volunteer opportunities but have had no luck.
I am sports volunteer in Lithuania, in school I was part of school cauncil and volunteer in kids daily cetre.
I am in the yearbook club of the school and I am also part of fitness class where we maintain all.
At the moment, I am not involced in other organised activities, which is why I wanted to become a volunteer, to help use my time for a good cause, rather than wasting it doing nothing or little with my time.
At the moment I am not involved in any organized activities.
Yes, autism rehabilitation.
Not as a volunteer but I do take part in organized activities at the Wellness Institute.
Yes, I am a volunteer for Planned Parenthood and Best Friends Animal Society.
Yes, in my church choir, church sunday school, the youth group,
Yes, will be volunteering at DWP 2 mornings a week.
Yes, I volunteer at a cat adoption event every saturday to introduce bypassers to the cats we have up for adoption and also clean the kennels. In addition to this, I also practice fencing and this martial art every wednesday and friday night respectively.
No I am not involved in other organized activities.
Yes, in iran for more than 2 years.
I Am involved in many of my School clubs. I am also involved in Boys waterpolo and Swim team.
I am involved in a volunteer program at JB hospital.
At the moment I am not. I have been searching for an organisation where I can dedicate my time to.
I am apart of the Student Association of International Studies and WEEN.
At this time no but I do plan on changing that.
I am not currently involved in any other activities but in the spring I will be playing tennis with the school team.
I am involved with a psychology network which helps to raise critical awareness and understanding of the issues and treatments. Its is called mcapn…muslim counsellor and psychotherapist network.
Currently, no, but I am hoping I will be involved with this organization.
Yes, in a enterpenurship project.
At the moment, I am involved in submission writing for SJOS. This is online and all the coordination is done via email and phone.
Currently I am not involved in any other activities.
Yeas I part of clubs at school like grean team, premed club,
Yes I am volunteer soccer club at school that is just starting up.
At the moment, I am studying at the University of Toronto, and I have a part-time job. But in the past, I was a tutor at my high school, therefore I got to interact with students at a deeper level.
Yes. Society of manufacturing.
Still not, but if a chance is given I will show my enthusiasm and my interest towards the work chosen for me.
I occasionally volunteer to do some book readings for children at a local bookstore.
2 volunteer opportunities at school.
Ever since last year I have been involved in the FPS (future problem solving) organisation. It's basically a worldwide competition that has a final at the end of every year and was created to challenge intelligent children by solving problems that we may face in the future such as water shortages, global warming, over-population, over-use of technology. I used to take it as an option class in year 9 and 10 however now participate in the senior division of this competition in a team of 4, producing four booklets a year. I also mark papers of middle and junior division.
Yes. I am in Key Club and I volunteer at a school.
Yes! I am involved in National Honor Society, the local library, and in the local hospital.
Yes. I am involve in philanthropist activities. I like helping the needy.
Yes. I spearhead organizing teams for.
I had worked as teacher in grade 3 for one year.
Ya I worked as a teacher before.
I have not yet participated in any volunteering activities, but I will soon be attending a first aid course with St John Ambulance next week, and I hope to begin volunteering with St John afterwards.
I was the attendant and able to check the equipment I am leader in the international office.
Yes I help my church on Sundays with collecting money assist our guest to be sitted.
I am not currently involved in other organized activities, though I do work most evenings and on Saturdays.
I'm committee member of Singapore Taiwan business association, and Taiwan power electronic association.
I play many sports. I am on my school's soccer team, hockey team and track team. I also play for my town's travel U14 hockey team. I write for my school's newspaper and I am in the club EPIIC which is like Model UN.
Hand bell choir, ensemble, choir, yearbook.
I am in track and field right now.
I figure skate and I volunteer at a retirement home in Pierrefonds as a bingo caller. I'm also part of the school volleyball team and I recently put a softball team for the school on its feet.
Just this week, I began creating blog posts for the Azure Lorica Foundation. I am an entertainment critic. I’m also interested in pursuing a position at TeenCentral. Net that helps with teens who cannot help themselves.
I am supporting through donations PETA and Now.
Yes. Corporate group resposibility.
I do school sports and other thing dive volunteered for like the hole for the homeless, and unified cheering team at my school.