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Tell me about the last customer service skill you learned.

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    Tell me about the last customer service skill you learned.

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    Walk me through your experience as a Service Station Attendant, including any specific training.

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    Would your former or current boss describe you as a worker who gladly goes the extra mile to complete their tasks?

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    How would you explain the different grades of fuel available at the pumps?

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    Are you comfortable promoting a product, or up-selling, during a customer interaction?

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    Would your current employer be willing to provide a verbal or written reference for you?

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    Are you able to easily explain to any customer the basics of their vehicle troubles?

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    How soon can you start?

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    The hours of a Service Station Attendant can be unpredictable. Are you willing to work overtime, evenings, and weekends?

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    What type of manager do you best work with?

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    When faced with a problem, are you more likely to jump into solving it, or are you the type to carefully assess the issue first?

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    Name a few ways that you could up-sell a customer purchasing fuel.

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    Walk me through your experience with automobile care and maintenance.

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    When pumping gasoline, what safety factors should you consider?

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    Have you ever made a mistake on a routine vehicle maintenance task? What happened, and how did you repair the situation?

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    If a customer purchased a car wash coupon code that did not work, what would you do?

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    Have you received any formal customer service training?

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    How do you feel about saying 'no' to a customer with unreasonable requests?

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    We are seeking a reliable person for our team. How many days were you absent or late for work this past month?

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    Do you have experience in collecting customer payments? If so, what type of transactions have you completed?

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    Give me an example of how you delivered excellent customer service at your last position.

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    As a Service Station Attendant you will come across rude customers from time to time. How will you deal?

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    Are you able to replace headlights, windshield wiper blades and spark plugs?

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    Are you prepared to work part of your day outdoors in a variety of weather conditions?

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    We have a large variety of products and SKUs. Have you ever been responsible for inventory tracking and ordering?

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    Do you prefer to work on your own, or as a part of a team?

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    When was the last time you helped out a coworker?

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    As a Service Station Attendant, you will be responsible for large amounts of merchandise and cash. Do you consider yourself an honest and trustworthy employee?

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    Have you ever been fired from a job? If so, can you explain the situation?

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    Can you meet the physical expectations of this role including standing for an extended period of time and lifting heavy objects?