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Casino Supervisor Interview

15 Casino Supervisor Interview Questions

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Are you a detail oriented person?
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Extremely detail oriented. With that said,
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Are you a people person?
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What do you like least about being a Casino Supervisor?
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Management position nothing is liking least.
Not getting the same face time with our guests as the dealers do.
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Why did you choose to become a Casino Supervisor?
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Can contribute more to the company.
I'll coach them as accuratly as possible and be as patient as I can be to make sure they will end up doing a splendid job.
I feel as if I'm ready to take that next big step in my life. I've worked as a cashier for many Years and I've watched my supervisors and I think I would make a good supervisor and I'm ready to challenge myself and learn new things.
I originally wanted the money but I have since rally grown to like the position.
Because I know that I can do this job same as my previous jobs, I believe myself I will be a very good as a Supervisor to my employer and my co-workers as well.
I like challenges and want to try to advance career.
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What do you like most about being a Casino Supervisor?
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I like dealing with multiple tasks at same time and no mistake.
Always new thing to challenge and learn how the player adttitue be.
Once again, I like the fast pasted atmosphere. I like the envirnoment.
The fast pace environment and being able to learn new things.
As I long time casino dealer I would love to improve myself by doing some different job.
Interactng with guest and staff.
Visiting with the people.
Providing security for the company while helping guests.
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About Casino Supervisor

March 10th, 2017

Casino supervisors are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing workers in assigned gaming areas and coordinating their activities. During their shift on the job, casino supervisors circulate among tables on the casino floor, observe operators, ensure all stations are covered at all times and explain house rules to the casino's customers. While ensuring that the casino is operating smoothly so that no patrons have cause to complain, they also keep an eye out for any signs of cheating such as switching, marking or counting cards. On request, they may organize special services or activities for guests and resolve service complaints.

There are no minimum educational qualifications for anyone looking to work as a casino supervisor. However, you must have the necessary skills. Casino supervisors must be vigilant, decisive and be able to make on-the-spot decisions. They must also have excellent communication, customer service, interpersonal and managerial skills.

Prospective employers will be observing minute details during the interview - your attire, your manner of speaking, confidence and ability to make quick and fair decisions. If you've had experience working as a casino supervisor, tell them about an incident that occurred and how you handled it. This will give them some insight into your ability to handle all aspects of this job. Reading through casino supervisor mock interview questions can help you rehearse answers to commonly asked questions so you are well-prepared for the interview and can reply confidently.