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20 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me how you developed your largest existing account.

Example #1
"In my current position I developed my largest existing account by visiting their office on a regular basis. Showing that I was keen, and prepared to service their company with a great sense of attention, was what they wanted to hear. The company went from spending just $30K per year with our company, to nearly $100K in just six months. I continue to grow this account by being consistent and always delivering faster and better than they expect."
Example #2
"Because I am new to sales, I want to learn everything that I can about gaining large accounts, from my training program with your company. As an experienced bartender, I have clients who spend a lot of money every weekend, buying shots for the room, for example. I encourage this behavior by creating a fun, party-driven environment. I would do the same in sales. Elevate the excitement level when it comes to the product, and encourage larger repeat sales."
Example #3
"With my larger accounts, the success has all come down to building relationships through offering kindness, and genuine care and support. Excellent customer service skills and a personalized touch help, as well. I am sure to remember their kids' names, birthdays, and congratulate them on company milestones."
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