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Preschool Director Interview Questions and Answers
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Describe to me your passion for children.
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I am passionate about helping each child learn as much as possible without ever having to stop being a kid. I strongly believe in play-based learning, fostering independence, and maintaining consistent boundaries and expectations. I love helping children become stronger individuals while having a great time simultaneously.
My passion for children is that they can be provided with love and support through every area of their life. I want children to feel a sense of belonging and help them to achieve their goals.
My passion is seeing them grow, thrive and watch them become them.
I truly believe leading a child in the right way is to ensure all of that child's needs are met physically, emotionally, physiologically and physically.
Early childhood is the best time for exploring everything, by seeing the kids grow in the environment where they can learn social, emotional, cognitive and problem solving, Kids view everything in a different perspective which makes wonder, oh the kids think in this way too.
I adore children and am thankful for the opportunity to teach them. I love to see their eyes light up and their imaginations come alive while in a learning environment. I couldn't imagine not being in an education setting for my career. I have a son of my own and know how much I am fascinated and thankful to watch him grow and reach milestones. It's so important that all children have the opportunity to learn in a nurturing learning environment.
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