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News Producer Interview

26 News Producer Interview Questions

By: Christina Erne

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Why did you decide to become a producer?
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The interviewer wants to know why the candidate wants this job position. The candidate should explain why they are passionate about producing and mention the skills they have that will make them a successful producer. A good response shows that the candidate would improve the quality of news produced by the station and has a good understanding of all the responsibilities of the job description.

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What is your favorite part about being a news producer?
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The candidate should discuss one or two specific parts of the job that drives them to go into work each day. These parts of the job should be motivating factors that show the person is passionate about the work they want to do.

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What is your experience leading a team?
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A good response to this question would be discussing previous experience working on a team and particularly instances where that person has been leading others. A hiring manager is looking for a producer who is able to keep the show and others around them running smoothly, even when approaching deadline or when part of the show falls through. A good response has the potential producer explain that they can juggle their own work while also helping others finish theirs.

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How will your producing improve the quality of our television station?
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The candidate should respond by discussing their work ethic, their work product, and any other factors that makes them a productive part of the team. They should tell the hiring manager any plans or general ideas they may have to making the newscast a strong one, and perhaps any traits that set them apart from other candidates.

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Why is a job in this city/state/community the right fit for you?
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The candidate should highlight reasons why the city or state of the job where they are applying is a good location for them. The location may be good because of family and friends in the area, the weather, the news, or other factors that draw that person to want to move there. A hiring manager is looking for a producer who cares about the people and the place where they produce, and they are looking for a producer to answer this question by discussing why they want to work in that specific areas and make a difference in that community.

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Author of News Producer Answers and Questions

Christina Erne
Christina Erne is a meteorologist and a journalist at News 10 ABC in Albany, NY. Beginning her career as a reporter, she worked her way up the ranks of local television, learning the ins and outs of all possible jobs in the field, from technical support, to weather staff.
First written on: 04/14/2017
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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About News Producer

August 18th, 2017

A television news producer is responsible for compiling all parts of a newscast into a rundown of the order of how the show will progress. A producer plans a list of all of the stories and news reports in order of importance and relevance to the community from top to bottom of a show, and writes scripts for anchors to read and follow throughout the newscast. A producer is responsible for editing video to include in the show, writing clear and concise scripts for anchors and reporters to read on television, and knows how to give commands to the anchors and directors to progress through the show. A producer must have advanced writing skills for television broadcasting, a command of using video, sound, and pictures to convey a story, and the ability to keep calm in breaking news and directing the television personalities in the event of last minute story updates, changes, or emergencies.

To prepare for an interview for a career in news producing, a candidate must be able to give examples of successful television broadcast shows they have produced, or give examples of shows they have assembled, including samples of their writing. A producer must be able to show that they are calm under pressure. They also must explain how and why they are able to direct a show, including giving cues to anchors, directions to directors to bring up various graphics, packages, camera angles, and live shots, especially when something goes wrong.

A potential producer also must prepare to talk about their skills as a manager to a team of people. Producers must have a command of the most pertinent stories in their television market in order to make executive decisions on what stories are most important in telling for that day. Producers must be able to discuss with a reporter or photographer where they must report on, and must be able to express to the hiring agent how they will be able to manage a team to create the most visual, engaging and interesting news show possible.