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Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond.
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During my practicum for medical imaging registrations, a patient brought to my attention that another patient in a bed was cold. I very promptly got a warm blanket, and spread the blanket over them and told them that I was putting on anther blanket on them.
Sure! if I have enough time to spare (and I usually make time), I get whatever will make an individual feel more comfortable if it's something they specifically ask for that I can assist with. And ask "is there anything else I can do for you?" before leaving.
I honestly always go above and beyond for any project, I love to be the one who stands out the most when working on something. A time on my externship I was asked to make a project, something that would help our patients out in the room while waiting on doctors to come in,
I once helped a patient organize her photo album with pictures of her deceased son.
It was a group project. And I never went above or beyond the requirements for a project before.
I would consider everyday a chance to go over and beyond. You always want to mark sure you work at your fullest potential. So being able to complete your daily tasked all the while maintains a positive attitude is considered to be going over and beyond.
I don't have an example but, I would help out other people if they needed it and would work for them if they had to leave early or come in late for emergencies.
I was about to clock out when a came in and needed a prior authorization because the insurance wouldn't approve without staff member assistance.
When my son was in 9th grade we started to prepare him for college by coming up with a plan.We prepared him for his SAT test so that he will score high enough to get in the school of his choice, sent numorous application to colleges we visited different campuses. At the end the result was he was accepted at the school of his choice.
According to the project.
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