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If a patient complains that they didn't receive the proper care, how do you react?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

How to Answer

Sometimes you go above and beyond, but it's still not enough to please a patient. Your role is just one aspect of the care a patient will receive when they go to the doctor or the hospital. That being said, you can still make a difference. Recognize that you have room to improve and that there is always an opportunity to grow from an experience. Even if you were not the one to cause the patient to have a bad experience, you can still learn from other people's mistakes. See everything as a learning opportunity! Express that to your interviewer!

If a patient complains that they didn't receive the proper care, how do you react?
Answer example

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable next time?"

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If a patient complains that they didn't receive the proper care, how do you react?
Ask them how we I improve to ensure that they receive the proper care next time.
I would ask them what did I do wrong, and how could I improve to take better care of them.
First of all I will apologize to them but I will make sure this will not happen again by repairing my mistake.
Apologize for the lack of proper care. Ask them what I could have done to ensure that they're experience was better and make it a point that for the next time their experience is better.
I will ask them why I didn't properly care for them and fix it.
Really let me know so we can accommodate the patient next time.
I would try to find out why the patient felt that they did not get the proper care. Apologize and assure that I will try to do better pertaining to their care.
Cheer and talk to the patient with smile and give best service.
I will apologize to them and ask what would they would like to see be better for their proper care.
I will listen to them, apologize and let them know that I will do much better.
I would aploogize to the patient, probe about the concerns the patient has and assure the patient that I will most definately bring the concerns to your attention.
Apologized to them and ask what can I do to make things better for you today.
I will tell them that I am sorry and i'll make sure I do a better job.
I would evaluate my own performance. If I feel that it was not up to par then I need to find what I can do better. If I felt I was up to par and didn't understand why the patient felt this way I need to ask another employee (perhaps one that has been with the office longer) what I could do better and what I should work on.
Apology to the patient and ask what make him or her to fell in that way.
Apologize document there concerns and ask if they would like if there is anything I can do to help them further.
I will talk to the patient and let them know that I am very sorry they feel that way.
Stay calm, apologize, and ask what could you have done to better your service.
I am really sorry to hear that. Is their anything we can do? and would they like to come back for another appointment so they can go over everything again,
Appologize, listen to their complaint, and reasure them I will do everyting I possibly can to fix the problem.
Try to call me patient down first try to helpthem out of you could solve the problem if not get the manager.
Try to call me patient and if this dosent work go into the manager its self.
I try to not get offended and offer an apology for the lack of proper care they didn't recieve.
I would simply give them my deepest apology if they felt that I didnt care for them properly. I would simply ask what the problem was so that I could get it resolved in a appropriate manner to keep them comforatable with consulting or confiding in me as a healthcare professional.

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