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Tell me about a time when you closed a deal with someone that was unsure about going forth, how did you do? What was the project for?
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I was hired to create a logo and for a bow-turning company. After I completed it I was asked to create a website for them in the future. Months had passed without any word, so I created some sample pages to show the client. They were happy with the result and decided to move forward.
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Have you done freelance work before?
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Why yes I have done the freelance work on many occasions maybe 150 at least.
I have done one freelance work.
I have done one freelance work.
Yes, I have. Westmed Ambulance was my latest client.
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Do you find CSS to being superior or inferior?
User-Submitted Answers
CSS is superior because it does the layout of a website.
I think it is inferior. I mostly work with cs5 and cs6
I think it is inferior. I mostly work with cs5 and cs6
Superior - there are endless possibilities with it. You can even animate with it!
I'm new to web design, but from what I know, its best for creating beautiful, dynamic web pages.
I find that its superior to the table system.
CSS is undoubtedly very useful for website design.
Superior or inferior to what? It's a coding language used with practically every website these days, mainly to set the style of a website.
It provides a way to ensure that coding is done correctly and efficiently.
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How much bleed do you normally have on your layouts?
User-Submitted Answers
Usually it depends on the printer and his press and the project, around one sixteenth to one eight of an inch sometimes one quarter inch.
Its depends on the design and the requirement. Normally .5 inch for a4 size brochure.
1/8 of an inch is pretty standard, although I'm always in contact with the printer, so I check with them before sending the file.
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What is your preferred software for creating these designs?
User-Submitted Answers
Coreldraw 90%, Photoshop 10%
A mixture of photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, and wordpress.
QuarkXPress has merit for certain applications, but I prefer InDesign overall.
I like using Adobe Creative Suite.
The Adobe creative suite, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
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About Graphic Design

September 14th, 2017

A career in graphic design is very versatile. With a degree in graphic design, you can work as a graphic designer, web designer, creative director, film and video editor, marketing manager, art director, multimedia artist, product designer, animator, and more. Graphic design professionals are in huge demand today across various industries.
A bachelor's degree in graphic design, visual arts or a related field is the minimum educational qualification required for this role. You must be highly creative and artistic if you wish to pursue a career in graphic design. Outstanding visual, verbal and written communication skills are essential in this role. You must also have the time-management, and organizational skills to be able to work independently and meet deadlines.
Two of the most crucial requirements for a successful interview are an impressive portfolio and the ability to answer all questions convincingly. Your portfolio should comprise of some of your most outstanding work along with a description of the client's specifications and how you executed the final work. In addition, your replies to the interview questions must reflect your passion for graphic design as well as your skills and talent in the field. Do you have convincing enough answers to questions about your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses or about your short or long term career goals? To get some help with answering challenging interview questions, go to Mock Questions.