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How important is it for you to get this job at our bakery?
Do you want this job? Tell the hiring manager about your desire to be the successful candidate. Talk a bit about why you want to work for them, specifically, and how securing this role will benefit your life.
Answer examples
"I would really love to secure this job. It would make my life so much simpler as this bakery is just down the street from my home. I am passionate about the type of products and quality that comes out of your facility and that would make me very proud to work for you."

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User-Submitted Answers

How important is it for you to get this job at our bakery?
I am not perfect, im not the best, but I want more to learn, and I want to share what I have learn on my on,
Very important, I have a passion for baking and I stove to achieve new goals.
I strongly believe that working with big company always makes me continually grow up and I can get the best suport.
Beyond measure. I would love to work at your bakery because it would be a tremendous opportunity as a first.
Tim-Horton' is a famous particularly for coffee and baked items.
This is important because I want to continue my profession as a Baker. And to develop my knowledge in baking.
I would be very grateful to receive a position here.
I would love to grab this opportunity to implement my theoretical knowledge into practical one's.
Very. I'm very mature for my age, so working in an environment like Rockman's where there are lots of people my age, was frustrating. It's hard for me to understand sometimes that not everyone my age has an adult mindset like I do or am not dedicated like I am. I feel like working in this bakery would challenge me but still be a calm environment to work in. Getting this job would mean the world.