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Describe your working relationship with your previous or current colleagues.
You are in the business of helping people so you must understand how to have harmonious relationships and clear communication with your coworkers. The interviewer wants to hear that you work well with all types of people from every walk of life! If the interviewer asks you how you handle challenging personalities, like frustrated family members, explain how you understand that family members are concerned for their loved one. Show that you understand what motivates the attitudes and behaviors of others.
Answer examples
"l work great with all types of people. I have a way of bringing out the best in others and motivating them. I love working with​ a diverse team because it gives everyone a chance to contribute as well as learn something from one another."
Entry Level answer example
"I can work with people one on one as well as in groups. I think active listening is so important as an addiction counselor. It shows the patient that you are taking the time to listen to them. The same goes for my colleagues!"
Experienced answer example
"All of the colleagues I have worked with have shared a very respectful relationship with me. We have shared goals and we knowledge to accomplish those things to the best we can. Each of us has a part in the success of our patients and practice, and we utilize healthy communication practices to make it happen."

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User-Submitted Answers

Describe your working relationship with your previous or current colleagues.
I work great in a team, as well as individually. I am a people person so working with others comes naturally, I can get along with all sorts of people coming from different backgrounds.
Very well, I have a variety of experience working with both women and men. While volunteering at Ray of Hopes community centre I was able to build relationships with those who came in.
I am a great team player understanding that it is necessary for the collaborative effort of the whole to enlist the success of the program. I seek to bring out the best in oters and their ideas.
Very well. One of my passions is community organizing and creating change together. I believe in the importance of being good to other people and in the potential this can have to shift the world into a better place. I like to make a point of being honest, of working hard, and finding common vision with others.
I work very well with ohter. I am a team player, and am committed to those who suffer w/addiciton, mh.
I work great with people. I am a team player and I am always willing to lend a hand to my coworkers.
I am a people-person, and I enjoy working with lots of different people, especially those who are from different cultural backgrounds than I am. I feel that I work equally well on my own and as part of a team.
How much do I help them? I dont know but I know they help me and I enjoy working with them.
I have a good rapport with people and meet people where they are.
I love work with people, they respect me and follow up the rules.
I am great with people and build rapport easily with 9 out of 10 individuals.
I generally work well individually as well as a part of a team. I am able to take leadership when necessary. Usually I am the one who brings fresh, new ideas and approaches to the team.
I consider myself as a people person.
Since I am a people person, I really enjoy interacting with others and being a team player.
I work very well with people. As an easy-going person I am always willing to give and take advice and suggestions from others.
Very well I am a people person.
I work very well with others, enjoy being part of a team.
I work with people extremely well. I have been a part of many sports teams and group projects so I understand the value of everyone doing their part and having the same vision of accomplishing the set goal.
I work very well with others, I understand that to be an effective team member, I have to listen to others express themselves and communication effectively to express my thoughts with the group.
I work extremely well with people. Sometimes people are not friendly, but the personality I have I can turn a frown upside down. People enjoy being around me and interacting with me.
I work well with others, the most key thing I found is listening, comprimising, and taking attention.
I believe I work well with people, I enjoy teamwork.
I work very well with people.
I have patience and tolerance effective listening skills.
I work very well with all people. Working from an anti-oppressive approach allows me to be effective in working with others.
I work well with all people. I previously worked on Wall Street for ten years so I have quite a bit of experience working with a diverse group of personalities that range from great to not so great.
I often work with groups, and enjoy being a part of something bigger than myself.
Because I find myself meeting new people often, I see that I am a people person with the ability to make people laugh.
I have high functioning autism so sometimes it is hard for others to understand me. I have no problem working with others and quite enjoy I do however often get read incorrectly.
Very well. I am unafraid to take on task, but more importantly it is imperative that working with other is a collaborative effort.
I work great in a team setting.
I work very well in a team and equally as well individually. I have proven to be a valuable member of a team in the past.
I work well with people, I enjoy working with a variety diversity people, I adapt well with others.
I work well with others. You kinda have to when you work in this field.
Well, sometimes I am to guardedor don't get to the root of the problem, sometimes I'm too trusting and that allows clients to use manipulative behaviors I don't see right away.
Very good. I am very social, but I like a warm atmosphere where we can have a winning team one that works for the ourselves and others.
Very well. Enjoy working with others.
I think I work extremely well with people, it is my passion in life, part of who I am and the evidence can be found from feedback and outcomes in my work.
I work well with people that communicate in a positive healthy way with boundaries respecting everyone.
I work excellently with people. I can't imagine working without human interaction.
Very well it's great working with other people and having a support system.
I am a people person and work well with people.
I am able to work well with people of many different cultural backgrounds.
I'm always a team player. Successful treatment requires a team.
I work well with other people, working in a team environment enhahnces and strengths my skills and knowledge.