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Have you facilitated any outreach programs? Tell me about it.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Addiction Counselor interview

How to Answer

Outreach programs typically include family members and loved ones to help addicts within a safe community environment. If you have experience in this area, talk about how you put the group together.

Share what you learned from the experience. Tell the interviewer what worked and what didn't work. How did you involve family members in the process?

Have you facilitated any outreach programs? Tell me about it.
Answer example

"I have led two outreach programs in my counseling career. One was incredibly successful and one was not. I believe the factor for success was a stronger goal plan and understanding of the community we were creating the program for."

Entry Level

"I haven't had the opportunity to facilitate any outreach groups yet but I look forward to the challenge."


"Not only have I facilitated groups but I have created them based on feedback and requests from the community."

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Have you facilitated any outreach programs? Tell me about it.
Yes, seeking and recruiting new potential customer.
No, I haven't ran any out reach programs, but often in contact with outreach teams.
I have not ran an outreach program on my own, but I have taken part in coming up with ideas for my current outreach program to use to benefit the patient in our program.
I have not. But I am familiar with what they offer to people with addiction.
Yes, I ran a stress management class and an art journaling class. The patients who attended stated to me that it helped the through some difficult times.
Yes many. Job readiness clinics, parenting class, re-entry to work, career training, employment and training, summer youth programs with mentoring and life skills training.
I have worked in many. It is very hard work but is rewarding.
I ran an outreach program for co-dependent women. It was a weekly group session where women came together to learn about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
Yes during my brief college internship.
I have not been in that situation, but I think this is something I would like to do.
I've participated in outpatient treatment during my internship in which I was given hands-on training in the following: screening, assessments, treatment planning, composing clinical summaries, individual and group sessions, composed progress reports and conducted educational lectures on recovery and relapse prevention.
I havedid outreach in the communities, helping families with resources to help them feel like a productive member of society.
Yes, support groups for people with addictions and mental health issues.
I have not run any outreach programs, however I was part of one while on placement. ASH is a housing-first program for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provided clients with case management and met with the clients every week or 2.
I have not personally run programs but have trained therapist for evidenced based programs.
Yes, I ran a mentoring program at the Warrenville church./
Not specifically in addictions counseling. One of the reasons I came to this area to start an adapted horsemanship program was to reach out into the community to give our community members an alternative activity. Whether that be volunteering or participating in programming. I have had numerous volunteers share that volunteering their time was their last attempt at finding purpose in their life before committing suicide. Opening opportunities in the community to give back is a passive form of outreach.
I worked with clients who had moved out on their own after living in a shelter.
I have not, but I plan to run outreach an outreach program with both recovering addicts as well as with geriatric individuals. I would like to use the sport tennis to provide opportunities to learn the game as well as an opportunity so socialize and get exercise which has many positive health benefits.
I have gone to neighborhoods where the drug rate is high, to offer resources to help live a sober and successful life.
Yes. I currently run a support group.
No experience running an outreach program.
I didn't but where I worked did..
I have not been in such a situation but I think it is something I would like to be a part of.
Yes, Church affiliated program called ALPHA (Purpose driven)
I was an organizer in an outreach program to the community.
I have not done any out reach, altough educating family members of ctls is a form of providing the community further education.
I have been a part of an outreach program for troubled youth. We met with them once a week and did activities together. Just being present is an outreach for those who spend a lot of their time without parents present. Helping them to see that they are valued and have a bright potential is important for an outreach, which is what we sought to do.
Calling other communities, introducing the program we have. Getting to know them as well.

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