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As an Addiction Counselor, what do you believe is your best asset?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Addiction Counselor interview

How to Answer

This is another way of the interviewer asking why they should hire you, over any other applicant. Think about the skills and qualities that you bring, which others may not have. Perhaps its your counseling style, a transferable skill, or even the fact that you speak 3 languages! Explain the trait and how it makes a difference to your patients.

As an Addiction Counselor, what do you believe is your best asset?
Answer example

"I believe that my best asset is the fact that I am a huge proponent to continued education. When I received my Masters' in Counseling, I did not stop there. On average, I take 3 additional courses or workshops per year."

Entry Level

"My best asset is in my critical thinking skills. I'm able to make quick and clear decisions that make an impact in times of crisis."


"In addition to being a seasoned addictions counselor who has trained other counselors, I am also fluent in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. My linguistic skills have allowed me to help a wider range of patients during my career."

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As an Addiction Counselor, what do you believe is your best asset?
My willingness to meet clients where they are at.
The ability to understand people's problems.
I thing that my best asset is being patient and understandable person.
Expressing empathy and concern.
I have a true desire to help people find their best self.
My compassion and my impathy.
Empathy diversity and compassion with those whom I service.
Being a nurturer, empathy comes very easily. I am very easy to talk to and consistent.
I believe that my listening skills are key.
Patience co opetation devision maker.
My ability to empathize. I believe that this asset is essential for addiction counsellors who have not experienced addictions, as it is one of the most effective ways to build an understanding and engage with clients who are experiencing hardship.
I believe my empathy and my passion are my best assets for this position.
I believe my best asset is my strength in showing empathy to my client. I believe that all clients want to be heard and understood, and I believe that I can provide that.
My calming personality having a soft voice that is empathic caring listening to my clients to help them de escalate their anger when they felt heard.
My geniuneness, my compassion, my strong desire to help people.
My belief in people and my skill in helping them believe in themselves.
My ability to be empathetic. I am able to listen and join with the client, even when I do not necessarily agree with his or her beliefs.
My best asset is my caring attitude and my ability not to judge others. I believe in the importance of accepting clients for who they are, without ever judging them.
Being truly genuine and authentic in your interactions, you have to present yourself as attuned, aware, and present and it translates to others that you care and really want to help.
I believe that my best asset would be that I'm non-judgemental, and show compassion/empathy.
My best asset is problem-solving and active listening.
Ability to work with all people.
My best asset is my skill of listening. Clients need to trust their worker, and in order for this trust and rapport to build, a client needs to feel heard.
I am very compassionate, and non judgmental.
The ability to build rapport and relate to the clients.
My listening skills is my best asset.
As a Addiction counselor my best asset is the ability to listen and provide support and understanding to the client.
Active listening and knowing community resources.
Yes. I am able to keep my composure look at the situation access it and formulate a solution.
I would have to say that my best assets would be allowing the patient to see and feel that I am empathetic to their situation and I will do everything that I can to help them, but they too have to be willing to give it their all.
When clients are enjoying the services am providing.
Listening with positive regard for clients strengths as they are able to work through various problems they are experiencing. Bringing them new information about thier thought patters and behaviors.
Compasion empathy and love.
My empathy and my listenig skills.
I like make deferent people life.
My ability to listen communicate and read body language.
I believe my empathetic personality is my greatest asset. I advocate from a strengths based approach.
My wiliness to work to make a change in someones life.
I am a very patient and understanding person who strives in life to help others to the best of my ability. I am a good listener and believe that I have the requiset skills to help uncover problematic areas in others lives that they might be believe to be relevant. I have always wanted to help people. I don't take too much personally. I understand and know from experience that this field can be quite frustrating, but I am able to remind myself that sometimes things cannot be taken at face value or personally.
To be there through out a persons journey.
I have been there. I know what it feels like to have an addiction and I know how I felt when I was really ready to make a change.
People trust me and open up to me, I have art therapy skills that I use to work with clients who are very resistant.
My best asset would be I am a quick learner, good at seeing the bigger picture even when dealing with the situation, I am flexible, a problem solver, a team player, and have the ability to help influence change.
That I am open to learning from everyone.
My best asset is my ability to put my biases aside and actively listen to people. This allows me to assess situations and determine a course of action in order to solve problems.
I believe my best asset is being able to bill a rapport with my clients.
My best asset is my ability to relate to my clients like a human being to another human being, while at the same time maintaining my professionalism, and this is why I establish rapport with clients so easily. I make it clear that I am not any better than my clients, I am simply someone who happens to be doing this type of work and is doing their job.
My best asset I would say is my motivation to inspire and help people.
I have a capacity to really listen, to absorb information well, and also to analyze. This sounds so simple, but it can be so hard to do well. I think I good at approaching people. At giving them lifelines if they want them, at offering help without smothering and overwhelming people. At the end of the day, it is the human connection that counts. I want people to feel understood, and I am good at keeping this my top priority.
Ability to connect with clients. I have 14 years of experience counselling individuals in crisis situations.
The fact that I was once in the shoes of the client and needed help but would not except it and now that I have went through the counseling for addiction I now understand why people don't want help, because you don't see yourself as having a problem until it pointed out through explanation.
Empathetic. I am able to leave my body and experiences aside and delve into their personal experience and meet them halfway.
I am an addict so I know what it feels, putting myself in others shoes.
My patience and compassion are my best assets because I can build a good rapport with my patients along with my coworkers to make a good team.
The ability to compartmentalize. I can remain neutral so that I can assist the client instead of being too emotionally invested.
Being able to multitask and my rapport with my clients.
I'm trustworthy, great listening skills, honest, respectful, non judgemental, empathy.
My ability to work well under pressure and respect chain of command .
The ability to be non-judgmental and open minded.
My genuiness and listening skills.
Listening before speaking.
A good listener, non judgemental and understanding.
My best asset would be my listening skills. Clients need to be able to trust their worker, and a big part of this is the client feeling heard.
I'm motivated and have great passion to help others.
My best asset is that I am an active listener. I do not just listen to come up with a reply but seek to listen to understand the individual and the emotions, feelings, and actions that are associated with what they describe to me. I seek to get a deeper picture of what life is like for them and what they need from me and from other people.
My ability to assert real life experiences into the treatment process.
Personal experience and a heart for the clients.
My best asset is my ability to actively listen and provide encouragement and hope to my clients.

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