Top 15 Academic Advisor Interview Questions
1. In what circumstances, would you suggest a student change majors?
List of Academic Advisor Interview Questions
  1. In what circumstances, would you suggest a student change majors?
  2. When you were in undergrad, what did you think of your academic advisor?
  3. How do you help a student discover their career passions?
  4. What are a few of your favorite career resources for helping students discover and understand potential career choices for themselves?
  5. What advice would you give to a student who is failing a course?
  6. When given your advisory roster, how much of each student's background do you like to learn?
  7. When a student is nearing completion of their second year and is still undecided, how do you work with the student to figure out an appropriate major for the student?
  8. What is one weakness you have as an advisor and something that you are currently working on improving?
  9. How does this position fit into your career goals?
  10. How important is it to work with other academic advisors on campus?
  11. What do you find most rewarding about being an academic advisor?
  12. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  13. What are your career aspirations beyond this job?
  14. How often do you monitor each of your student's progress?
  15. Why do you want this position as an academic advisor?
  16. What can you bring to our school?
  17. Why did you choose our school when searching for an advisor position?
  18. What is the most important role of an academic advisor?
  19. What are your expectations for this role?
  20. What experience do you have working with a diverse group of people?
  21. How familiar are you with the programs we offer that students can major in?
  22. What is your dream academic job?
  23. Have you begun reading our university policies?
  24. What kind of students are you most experienced working with?
Contributing Author
Ryan Brown
Academic Advisor Information
February 3rd, 2017

An Academic Advisor has a crucial role in the development of college students. Many college students will switch majors multiple times throughout their college careers. An academic advisor helps focus a college student's academic choice into one target. Potentially, saving them many semesters or quarters.

Academic advisors need to have a strong passion for education and helping students succeed. College is a very overwhelming experience for most students. An advisor can play a tremendous part in settling the nerves of a college student by having them focus and give them confidence on their major. They will have to work together and understand each student well to give them valuable advice on which major to pursue. If the student's major is known, then it is up to the advisor to make sure the student is taking the necessary classes to complete their major within the standard four years.

The interview process for an academic advisor will be challenging. You will have to describe your passion for helping students. You will also need to have a strong educational background and a good understanding of the university. Be able to recite a few examples of when you helped a student before. If you have never had student interaction, then become a tutor! Do anything where you can be involved with helping a student in a leadership or advisory role. Get some experience before your interview.
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