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Why do you want this job?
Interviewers simply want to hear that you are committed to this role, and that you intend to be there long-term. A simple 'I really want this job' can do more for you than you may think! Show the interviewer that you are committed to this interview by discussing what you learned from their website and talking about what intrigues you about the role. Openly share with the interviewer why this job is the best opportunity for you.
Answer examples
"I really want this job. Aside from it being close to my home, this role aligns perfectly with my post-secondary training and long-term career interests. If you were to offer me this role, you would not be disappointed."
Sales answer example
"This job description was written with me in mind, you just didn't know it. I would not only be perfect for this role, but also I really want it. I think that my skill set is exactly what you are looking for, and I know this position is exactly what I want and need. I know that I will grow into the next role with the company and look forward to a long career at ABC."
Retail answer example
"This job is what I have hoped to find over the last decade, but I knew the timing had to be perfect in order for me to really catapult my career. I believe I am the best candidate for the job based on my decade long tenure at your greatest competitor, my prove track record of exceeding expectations and earning quick promotions, and it's the job I want more than anything. I know I will be an asset to your organization and I can't wait to get started."
Marketing answer example
"This is as close to as perfect of a position as I could have dreamed up for myself, truly. I absolutely love the company, the product, the social initiatives you're involved with, and the position is exactly what I'd know I need and want next: more responsibility, more ownership, and so many growth opportunities down the line. I know without a doubt that this is the right next step for me and I want it more than anyone else you may be interviewing."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you want this job?
Yes, I do. I feel I would be able to do a good jobin this position, and look forward to helping the customers that come to the store. I think this would be a great place to work.
Yes. I have vast experience in online publishing, seo, journalism, communication and organizational skills. AAA is an established organization with a reputation I would be honored to uphold.
Yes I do. I have passion to serve my country at this level and impact postively on lives of ugandans as I practice what I studied at the university.
I want to make a difference in the community and the fact that I have already been engaged in community partnerships in public health, I know that I will enjoy my job. When you enjoy a job it reduces stress, worry, and unhappiness. I want to be happy and help others reach that point as well.
Yes, it's the only post I have applied for! It is exciting to me I'm looking forward to working with the beautiful products.
Absolutely. I am interested in cancer genetics because it is so complex and changing every day with new discoveries. I also go to the breast clinic at Bryn Mawr and know how dedicated and experienced the staff there are and the reputation of MLH, and would be proud to be a part of the organization. I think I can make a positive impact.
I do really want this position. I want it because I want to be independent. I am a teenage high school student and I want o start to make something of myself and it begins here.
Yes, because I have a long term goals to run my life.
Yes. To sustain in this company and to reach a higher rank.
Yes, I really want this position because there are many Career Opportunities with CVS and many locations.
Yes, I do. I have wanted to do this and I hope I get to do it.
Yes I want to work in ford because it is indian manufacturing organization and giving good employee wellfar.
Yes Because I do it well.
I do, I love to work with people.
Yes, I need work, I need experience and I want stability having a job can bring to my life.
More than anything else I want in my life today.
Yes because I like meeting new people and would love to have his as my first job.
Yes. I know I can do the job/tasks. I also I can see the job opportunities lay in front of me as a result of having this job.
I would love this position. If I could work here for free I would because its something that makes me so happy. I want to be able to help people with their shopping and see how happy they get.
Yes, to do what im good in giving excellent customer service and to be financially indepentant.
I do, because I really need a job and I want to pay for everything myself and not have to put the burden on my parents.
Yes because I like to fix and make stuff fit where it needs to go.
Yes I would like this Sales associate position because I would love to gain a good relationship with all my customers and make sure they are satisfied with the product they have bought.
I want the position because I think it would be challenging and I would add something to the bottom line.
Yes. I definitely want this position. I have been working in quality inspections for more than 15 years. And I think this is the right time for me to move forward with my career.
Absolutely, I love the challenges this position would provide. Working with different business people is the experience of a lifetime. Just imagine how much you can learn from them.
Yes. Because I like to work in a place where I could interact with lots of people from different lifestyle.
Yes I do want this position. I truly would appreciate the oppurtunity to help Safeway evolve into a more prosperous and well liked community grocery outlet.
I like the direction the company is going, I like the international aspect.
Yes, I strongly feel I can excel in this position and help the company grow.
Yes, I would like to build my skill and continue to develop in a growing company.
Yes. Because I can continue to provide for my family. Also continue doing what I love as a career. This position can better me as an operator.
Yes I do, As I have mentioned before I like working with people and this position gives me a chance to do that and learn more at the same time.
Yes I really would like this position because I feel that this company has a lot to offer and is a company that is in the business of improving peoples lives with the quality of the products they offers.
I definitely want and need the position and it will allow me to show my knowledge and share it with coworkers.