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What is your greatest weakness?
Pick a weakness that is not a core skill for this position. You can be candid in your answer; recognizing that you really aren't great at something and acknowledging your need to improve. Be sure to have an action plan in place for improving on this weakness. Perhaps you are watching TED talks to gain skills in a particular area, reading the latest-and-greatest book on the subject, or maybe you are taking a seminar at a nearby community center. We are all human with our own weaknesses, so don't be afraid to share yours!
Answer examples
"I believe I could improve on some technical skills including Excel and PowerPoint. Currently I am at a beginner to intermediate level; however, I would be more comfortable at an advanced level. I have enrolled myself in an evening/weekend workshop for the next six weeks. We will see how stellar my skills are after that course!"
"I tend to work too hard. I am always striving to be and do better that I forget sometimes it is best to embrace the chaos! Despite that, I make a point to have fun with it."
Sales answer example
"This is super cliche, but it's also true. I am not good at delegating to others. When I become submersed in a project, I don't like to give away any of the control. While this can be good, it can also definitely inhibit the outcome of the project and my growth as a team player and individual. I am currently working on this, as I know it is a deficit."
Retail answer example
"I'd say something I struggle with is my need to please everyone. While this can be an asset in retail, since the customer is always right (even when he or she is not), I feel it may have inhibited some of my career growth. By always pleasing everyone, I don't always stand up for what I should, or put my foot down. I think this can threaten my credibility or level of respect, which is something I certainly don't want. This is something I am working on currently: I am working to be able to please the customer, my coworkers, and my boss without being seen as a pushover. I think I have really developed this skill as I've been promoted into leadership and managerial positions, and it's something I will continue to improve upon. I just need to remind myself of it and have small pep talks about it. I also just finished reading "Nice Girls Never Get the Corner Office" in order to help shore up these skills and I'm taking her advice and putting it into practice with great results."
Marketing answer example
"Technically speaking, my greatest weakness is my skill level with graphic design softwares like Photoshop, and the like. In the broader sense, I would say my greatest area for improvement as a professional would be not getting caught up in the minutiae of a project and spending too much time on the small stuff while losing sight of the bigger picture."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest weakness?
My greatest weakness is that I am my own worst critic. But that pushes me to always strive to be better in all aspects!
My greatest weakness is being a little shy and being to determined.
Greatest weakness programming in Python.
I am very strict regarding procedures and regulations . However I consult my boss in case things are affecting turn around time and service delivery.
In the past, I found weaknesses to improve. I have dug deep to change my pattern of thinking when it comes to politics at the executive level.
My greatest weakness, being too nice... I can't say no.
My greatest weakness is that I like to be a perfectionist and become frustrated when something hasn't been done to a high standard.
My greatest weakness is when I see unfortunate people living the roads, sleeping on the sides. I can't help them enough.
I require factual evidence to adopt new technologies.
I've learned over my years of work experience, that I give it my all and more to the point of exhaustion, however now I've identified that I am much better at pacing myself.
I will be very cool when the presure will be increse...
Not following what I wanted sooner.
Chocolate! I am a very empathic person and I need to be able to find ways to take care of myself while helping patients and their families deal with difficult circumstances. We talked a lot about that in graduate school - for example using peers to decompress after challenging sessions. As a mom, I don't always do that either, as I usually am putting others needs ahead of my own, so I have learned that finding a good balance is critical.
My greatest weakness would be not being able to stay organized.
Being a perfectionist - sometimes to spend too much time perfecting little aspects.
I am a bit OCD so I like everything to be in its place. Also IT isnt my strongest point.
I am a bit of an enthisiast.
I would say my greatest weakness is being too much of a people pleaser. When I worked at pump it up I would tend to take on many things at once, because I would let my co workers have a break. Even though the work always got done, I felt like I may have been overworking myself just to please others.
I tend to overanalyze things and end up wasting time on one thing.
I can say that it might be time management I loose sidetracked helping other people finishing their own projects. But what I have done to improve that is start taking notes so it can help me in managing my time.
My weakness would be too honest.
Bikes are my greatest weakness.
I am over confident at some times.
Working beyond my limits.
I don't believe I have weaknesses, there are some areas that I am more proficient than others but I have an eagerness to learn new things.
I sometimes get consumed by the work and overdo things which sometime becomes a waste of time. Now I make a priority list and only once I finish everything in that I think of adding extra to each of them,
I cannot live alone. I need to be and see people I love.
I am restless till my wokr is not done.
I think I need to improve some extent.
I sometimes get caught up in the details but it has been great in a cleaning career.
My greatest weakness would be that I put most of my time into my work with means I don't put enough time into my family, which I need to work on because I love my family.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that not everyone has the same work ethic that I do.
While driving bike using head phone.
My greatest weakness is having to wait.
My weakness is not asking for help, I feel if I was given a task I should be able to complete that task without help.
My trusting and loyal nature. Though that is also one of my greatest strengths.
Because I strive for excellence I tend to question myself when I already know the answer.
I do not always have the same faith in myself that others might expect.
I feel that my greatest weakness is that I am very critical of my own work. I have always prided myself on producing excellent and error-free work. While this is beneficial to my job performance, it is possible to go overboard with it. But I have also found that I can easily waste time checking and rechecking. Now I am aware of what to look for in being such a stickler, so I am always making a conscious effort to trust myself and my quality focus more and not be so incredibly critical of my work. I know that there is a limit to proofreading.
Area of improvement is I trust anyone very easily.
I would say public speaking.
I would like to improve my computer skills. I feel my computer skills are basic.
If something goes wrong I tend to get upset with myself.
Giving up when I get on something it is very hard for me to quit if the job is unfinished.
Couldn't think of it at this moment as I always think the best of me that I can contribute to the whole.
I am not good at delegating.
Being a bit of a pushover. Ive always had a hard time telling people no.
/My greatest weakness is criticism. I do not take it too lightly. Especially if it is said to my face.
I am the type of person who ensures that everything I do I complete to my very best.
My greatest weakness is encouragement.
I believe my greatest weakness is my occasional inability to ask for help. I really focus on problem solving and relying on my own skill set to solve an issue, but I have learned over the years that though problem solving and figuring out issues on my own isn't a terrible thing, it's often best to ask for help when I really need to.
I don't always know if someone is taking advantage of me, lying to me.
I sometimes lose my cool.
Get bored if not challenged.
My greatest weakness is my expectations are something are greater than the abilities of my peers with whom I work. I look to fulfill the task as assigned while others are just into going through the motions.
My boldness and frankness.
Self belive I know I can do it but I always question myself.
Annoyed by others who do not want to be team oriented.
Impatient when things dont get done in time.
Consult more and need feedback often.
My greatest weakness is that I occasionally get so caught up doing a thorough job that I've had complaints that I'm slow to complete a task.
I make sure I produce results that are reliable and for this to be achieved I don't mind repeating a test over and over to get the best this however makes me waste time but at the end I am happy with my results.
Very sympathetic to other peoples feeling.
I do not like to hurt peoples feelings so I am not hard on them.
Speaking amongst larger groups rather in smsm I have aller groups. However over the past years I have improved with speaking in larger groups.
I believe my greatest weakness is not having experience in this field. However I am quick on my feet and I learn quickly and become dedicated to my job so I know I will excel with a little bit of time.
Perfectionist - always try to make things perfect but sometimes time doesn't allow me to accomplish perfection.
Time management but I am working on this.
I can get intense in driving to get work done, and that can intimidate others, especially when I take my understanding of complex issues for granted (i. E. Technical and financial). I've learned to slow down and understand where others are coming from and get their views in the process, where needed.
When others fail to help with a job, I'm willing to do it myself to make sure the job gets done.
A successful manager should enjoy helping others grow professionally . Have the ability to multi task, meet deadlines and.
My greatest weakness would be.
I am not experienced in the field. In this regards, however, I am eager to master skills and will go beyond the scope of the job to achieve this.
I feel my greatest weakness is that I try very hard to please everyone and if that does not happen I tend to be hard on myself, but with that I have learned that everyone is different in that they may be having a bad day, or what I have to offer they just do not want to hear about so I have learned that I just have to listen to when someone is not 'on the same page' and adapt and overcome.
My greatest weakness would be miscommunication with my coworkers.
I think my greatest weakness and my greatest strength are one in the same. I am hard on myself and at times set my personal goals to high. It is a weakness because at times it feels like I set myself up for failure but it is a strength because it pushes me to strive for more.
I can't leave without getting the job done. Like at school I just have to finish my work before I go home.
My greatest weakness is faillure.
Sometimes I expect others to give as much as I do and chocolate.
To be able to say NO to coworkers, rarther stop my duty and help a coworker.
Obviously, I have never had a job before and that could be my greatest weakness but I can change that.
My strength to pursue the matter that has the resolution of the solution.