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Where do you see yourself in five years?
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"I am looking for a long-term fit in my next position. As you can see, I had strong progress and career growth in my previous company. I would love to see the same success with your company. I did notice on your website that you have global leadership opportunities. If I could work my way into a role like that, I would be thrilled."
"In five years I would like to see myself making strong progress towards a leadership role. I sincerely hope this can happen within your organization as I understand that you choose to promote from within wherever possible."
"Five years from now I want to be managing my own team. I feel that my progression within this industry is in line to obtain this goal."
"In five years, I'd love to have five more years of sales success under my belt and would look to be managing my own sales team. It's very important to me that I move into a managerial role, and from what I gather, you exclusively promote from within, which is something I really value."
"In five years, I see myself as a floor manager or assistant store manager. In ten years, I would look to be a store general manager. I certainly have my eyes on the prize and I know that your company is the best one to make this transition with and stick with for the long haul."
"I really value stability and longevity in a position and team, so in five years, I hope to be at the same school, in a position of leadership, either formally or informally. I would seek out opportunities to mentor new hires, be a coach of a team, and continue to grow as an educator. I am also planning to get my masters in team leadership, so I feel that will be a very valuable asset to my new school."
Interviewing and on-boarding is a costly and time consuming process for any company and hiring manager. Assure the interviewer that you are seeking a long term fit with your next employer. Take a look at the career growth options with the company. If any of these stand out to you, it's a great idea to specifically mention them to the interviewer. Your expressed interest in those particular internal opportunities will solidify the fact that you are, indeed, seeking a long term fit with them.
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User-Submitted Answers
5 years hopefully I’m some kind of manager position move up as much as possible.
I see myself moving up to being a supervisor or a tem leader with in my job. I want to work my way up. I want to be working in a supervisors position.
I see myself to be a project manager within the organization and it's my passion to manage with the coworkers to meet the company's mission.
Presently I am working as a test engineer in the coming five years I will become a project manager.
I wil be thinking as I am test engineer now in next five years I wil be a project manager.
Same place 5 years older tough.
In five years I see myself studying in university.
I see my self as an experience vet nurse.
As a team leader or mentor as the go to person in the team. The one who knows the nuts and bolts of the systems.
Lead the internal audit team in an international organisation.
As a customer service representative in a higher position.
Improvising my skills and working hard towards the development.
Finishing college and starting a career.
I'd like to see myself progressing through the company eventually. I love customer service so would still like to be involved in that, perhaps in a coaching capacity.
Applcations Consultatnt at Echo :-) I enjoy the work I have done in Business Systems Analysis working for a software provider, successfully implementing changes or new systems.
Architecting VMware solutions for customers, it involves not only superior knowledge of the products but it involves critical thinking and applying a solution to a problem. I really enjoy helping customers with finding solutions to their problems, having that relationship with a customer and expanding my knowledge base in VMware technologies which I am passionate in.
Retired. Even though will be retired from the job market, do have plans to continue to work with the homeless and domestic violence program to pay back to the communitty that made it possible for me to be where I am at today.
In 5 yrs I see my self with lots of wisdom and knowledge.
I see myself in a senior positoin managing importanty port folio of the company.
Possibly, in the same area, but I want to get more education on disabilities. I would like to have a degree in Psychology.
I see myself as someone who made a significant impact in this organization .Like what I've said moments ago, I want to excel with this organization.
In a senior position in radiotherapy physics.
As the group manager or Division Manager for the company.
I always increase my skills and knowledge, Now I learnt so many thing in five years, now I able to face any challenge.
Managing my own company though I know I will probally take longer than that and I have to be realistick.
In five years I see myself been giving a bigger task to handle in this company.
May be as a head of the department or as a principal.
Five years from now I can see my self as a productive speech pathologist in the United states.
I see myself being successful and growing taking step by step and hopfuly will be in this company.
Working for Humana - breaking sale records.
I see myself in a higher position achieving my higher goals.
Building a career hopefully within the NHS
I need to move up to greater level of responsibility with that company.
I see myself working in a field where I get to inspire and help others.
At that place where I can give my best for the company.
I aim to become a Software developer and develop some major feature for your Product.
My number one goal is to do the best job I can at this role. Having said that, I’m really passionate about the work I do and, five yers from now, I would love if there were opportunities for me down the line to also be able to mentor other employees, or new recruits to be successful within this position.
To have a key management position at your organization.
In five years I see myself in a supervisor role as a medical technologist.
In five years, I would want to have grown in my skills and experience to allow me take up bigger responsibilities in the fight against poverty contributing to creating a bigger transformation in the lives of others.
Striving to become manager lead foremen.
As a massage therapist working at spa or similar place.
A senior manager in a well established firm.
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