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What are your weaknesses?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I really don't have any weakness because I always try to improve any faults that is brought to my attention.
Typing. I can type 35 words per minute but I am trying to do at least 50wpm.
If I ever get to upper manage learn to speak well in front of a crowd, Public speaking.
Sometimes I can be overly critical of my own work. In the past, I have spent a good amount of time proofreading everything to ensure that it was perfect. Now I have learned to trust my instincts and not spend so much time obsessing over the little things. That may delay a project.
There is a particular skill that I would like to improve upon. That is the ability to learn the new computer programs more quickly. It seems as though when one is mastered, it is changed to another program! The importance of computer skills is very evident as our customers look for employment for in this modern world, employer are incorporating these programs into, not only how a job is done, but also how you apply for that position.
I am saying truth that I am not having any weakness I can wait and control till my task is complete.
I don't have any experience of being a leader or managing peiople. I bveleive this is something I could excell at due to my good people skills.
Too critical of my own work, trusting that it is correct and move on.
A weekness I have that id like to improve on is public speaking and taking charge of a situation.
I sometimes find it hard to let go and delegate things, because I want to be certain that a job is done well I struggle to let go.