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Describe a time when you motivated yourself to complete an assignment or task that you did not feel like doing.
Show the interviewer that you will still get the job done even when you aren't excited about the task at hand. Think about a time when there was a work-related task that you did not want to do. Perhaps the dreaded file room needed to be purged of outdated files in order to make room for new files. Tell the interviewer what your task was, and explain why you were not excited about it. Be sure to tell the interviewer that even though you were not excited about the task, you made it happen in a timely manner knowing that it would help the organization as a whole.
Answer examples
"I like to set rewards for myself when there are undesirable tasks at hand. For instance, a large part of what I do is review all of the resumes that come into our job portal on a weekly basis. Sometimes there will be up to 200 resumes to review. They all begin to look the same after awhile so I have set a goal to look at 20 at a time, give myself a quick break, then return to the task."
"We all have parts of our work that we need to keep motivated to complete. I try to think of the bigger picture and focus my energy around how the work to be done will help contribute to that."
"I was once handed the task of cleaning out a huge supply closet. It had become a junk room full of random things that we never used. I did not want to do it, but I found the motivation to complete the task by focusing on how a more organized supply room would make everyone's life easier."
Sales answer example
"I do not like filling out a CRM. I actually don't think any salesperson does. It's just not how we're built! We like the call, the chase, the close. Taking time to pause and write out the details of our conversation, projections, and all that jazz is not something we like. It slows us down. However, it's a necessary step in the sales process. Not only does it ultimately help that sale go better when the CRM is filled out in full detail, but also it helps inform the next sales' close rate. It's an important tool in the sale and even if it takes slowing down and doing a seemingly monotonous task, it's a task that will help me as a salesperson and the organization as a whole."
Retail answer example
"No one in retail likes cleaning out the dressing rooms and doing take-backs, honestly. But it's just part of the job. And, as a supervisor, I need to never show that I don't like it, or at least not often. Therefore, I like to be sure to incentivize myself and ultimately my team to do it in a fun way. Little contests against themselves, or the rest of the team, make something mundane and unenjoyable kind of fun. Anything we can do to break up the monotony of a necessary, yet mundane task, the better!"
Teacher answer example
"Report cards are never fun, and being a specials teacher, I have over three hundred students, so it's a really big task. I like to try to make them personalized, since I know as a parent that it is no fun to get a generic report card, and I want my students and their parents to know I know their kiddo. So, it becomes a rather large project. In any event, it has to get done and I just make sure to break it up class by class, one per night. Nothing fancy, just chug along as I go. One comment per kid. It makes it a bigger project than it needs to be, but I believe the extra effort is certainly worth it, and hopefully appreciated by the families."

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User-Submitted Answers

Describe a time when you motivated yourself to complete an assignment or task that you did not feel like doing.
When I had a heavy workload I had to complete all in the same day I did not want to complete the task but I was confident that I could get the job done the result was very effective and I was satisfied with my work.
At the U of U and the Salvation Army, I had to clean the men's bathroom. I just called in the door to check if anybody was still in there. If there was no answer, I would just go in to clean.
I put myself in the customers place and want to treat them as I want to be treated. Knowing that motivates me to insure customer satisfaction.
Motivate myself by trying to get it done as soon as possible so I do not have to worry about it later.
Once at sales associate I was tired and sick but that day was last day and we had to sell at least 25 more sim cards. I was determined to achieve the target so motivated my self to complete the target and by the end of the day I was successful in completing it.
I wasent feeling the best, but pushed myself to get the assignment done.
Classes with meat science.
Taking over the operationalization of VOD delivery to linear set top boxes tops the list of ongoing tasks I oversee that I am not interested in doing. That being said, I am a bit OCD when it comes to making sure things under my purview are done and done right, so once I realized there was no escape, I embraced it as a new challenge and have actually grown substantially as a result of the learnings I have gathered about linear TV
I had to complete a ten page book report in college. I kept in the back of my mind end goal which was to make a good grade in course. I broke the report up in sections and completed none less than a page a day.
I always tell myself to be open minded because I will not always get what I want so I will work hard at it and seek opinion from other people to complete the assignment.
Budgeting for the next season was put upon me when the head of Fitness had to leave because his wife was having a baby. I did the job even taking some work home and submitted on time. The next season he did the entire plan.
The largest section in our store is the medicine isle. Everyone dreads stocking it. I always tell myself that it has to be done and I often reward myself with ice cream or a treat after work for completing. It.
Any task I receive to do is something new, so I am open for new challenges, any task from there is impossible to do. In this situation I motivate myself doing more, learning more, be the best.
Ladders. Back stock room. Inventory scanning prep. Not my section thrown on me at last minute. It needed to be done.
Eloqua. I'm not a great systems person. I'm really good at knowing what questions to ask, what message I want to convey/behaviour I want to inspire... But pulling together a list upload and emailing it makes me go dead inside.