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Describe a time when you motivated yourself to complete an assignment or task that you did not feel like doing.

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How to Answer
Show the interviewer that you will still get the job done even when you aren't excited about the task at hand. Think about a time when there was a work-related task that you did not want to do. Perhaps the dreaded file room needed to be purged of outdated files to make room for the new.

Tell the interviewer what your task was, and explain why you were not excited about it. Be sure to tell the interviewer that even though you were not enthusiastic about the mission, you made it happen promptly knowing that it would help the organization as a whole.

"I am sometimes handed the task of cleaning out our huge supply closet. It had become a junk room full of random things that we never use. I rarely want to do it, but I found the motivation to complete the task by focusing on how a more organized supply room would make everyone's life easier."
"I like to set rewards for myself when there are undesirable tasks at hand. For instance, a large part of what I do is review all electronic documents that come into our portal on a weekly basis. Sometimes there will be up to 200 documents to review. They all begin to look the same after awhile, so I have set a goal to look at 20 at a time, give myself a quick break, then return to the task."
"I like to set rewards for myself when there are undesirable tasks at hand. For instance, a large part of what I do is review all of the resumes that come into our job portal on a weekly basis. Sometimes there will be up to 200 resumes to review. They all begin to look the same after awhile, so I have set a goal to look at 20 at a time, give myself a quick break, then return to the task."
"I find our initial client calls to be a bit mundane. I spend these calls regurgitating their information back to them before we begin a project; however, I realize it's necessary to ensure there is zero loss of communication. I try to make these calls fun by letting my personality shine through, and throwing in fun questions now and then."
"No one in retail likes cleaning out the dressing rooms and doing take-backs, honestly. As a supervisor, I never show that I don't like performing these particular tasks. I like to be sure to incentivize myself and my team to make these tasks fun. I will run little contests for the team such as whoever gets their section of the store perfectly organized, gets a coffee on me."
"I do not always like filling out a CRM. I don't think any salesperson does. We like the call, the chase, the close. Taking time to pause and write out the details of our conversation, projections, and all that jazz is not something we look forward to doing because it slows us down. However, it's a necessary step in the sales process. Not only does it ultimately help that sale go better when the CRM is filled out in full detail, but also it helps inform the next sales' close rate. It's an essential tool in the sale, and even if it takes slowing down and doing a seemingly monotonous task, I understand its a task that will help me as a salesperson and the organization as a whole."
"Report cards are never fun. I have over three hundred students, so it's an enormous task. I like to try to make them personalized since I know the parents appreciate the added effort. So, it becomes a rather large project. In any event, it has to get done, and I just make sure to break the reports up by class and complete one class per day. It's not a fancy process, but it works for me. I believe the extra effort is appreciated."

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Describe a time when you motivated yourself to complete an assignment or task that you did not feel like doing.
When I had a heavy workload I had to complete all in the same day I did not want to complete the task but I was confident that I could get the job done the result was very effective and I was satisfied with my work.
At the U of U and the Salvation Army, I had to clean the men's bathroom. I just called in the door to check if anybody was still in there. If there was no answer, I would just go in to clean.
I put myself in the customers place and want to treat them as I want to be treated. Knowing that motivates me to insure customer satisfaction.
Motivate myself by trying to get it done as soon as possible so I do not have to worry about it later.
Once at sales associate I was tired and sick but that day was last day and we had to sell at least 25 more sim cards. I was determined to achieve the target so motivated my self to complete the target and by the end of the day I was successful in completing it.
I wasent feeling the best, but pushed myself to get the assignment done.
Classes with meat science.
Taking over the operationalization of VOD delivery to linear set top boxes tops the list of ongoing tasks I oversee that I am not interested in doing. That being said, I am a bit OCD when it comes to making sure things under my purview are done and done right, so once I realized there was no escape, I embraced it as a new challenge and have actually grown substantially as a result of the learnings I have gathered about linear TV
I had to complete a ten page book report in college. I kept in the back of my mind end goal which was to make a good grade in course. I broke the report up in sections and completed none less than a page a day.
I always tell myself to be open minded because I will not always get what I want so I will work hard at it and seek opinion from other people to complete the assignment.
Budgeting for the next season was put upon me when the head of Fitness had to leave because his wife was having a baby. I did the job even taking some work home and submitted on time. The next season he did the entire plan.
The largest section in our store is the medicine isle. Everyone dreads stocking it. I always tell myself that it has to be done and I often reward myself with ice cream or a treat after work for completing. It.
Any task I receive to do is something new, so I am open for new challenges, any task from there is impossible to do. In this situation I motivate myself doing more, learning more, be the best.
Ladders. Back stock room. Inventory scanning prep. Not my section thrown on me at last minute. It needed to be done.
Cabinet and electronic filling system.
I am mostly familiar with identifying records.
Simple file and folder type management.
Weeding Disposal Storing Retrieving organization.
I mainly have worked under an umbrella of Functional Analysis as applied to a university setting.
Corporate Records of small institutions.
I work as a librarian assistant, so honestly, I'm most familiar with Symphony as a Library database at this current moment, but I have experience with other databases.
Management of various regulatory documents.
Processing and data entry into a collections management system. As I said I processed four collections at UK, I also have done a major inventory of all the objects in a house museum and was the lead on entering them into pastperfect, I've also done a similar project of processing and entering archival material at the Lexington History Museum. The project at Liberty Hall helped me familiarize myself with cataloging a book collection in PastPerfect, it also made me the lead on our conservation/preservation issues. I am familiar with having to assess collections for extra care and re-housing.
The documentation of all the. Utilities and ledgers.
The type I would be most familiar with is a functional approach to records management- organising and maintaining records according to the function they serve as I feel this is the best way to achieve a high functioning record of how a business operates. I also think cloud computing is an excellent way to manage records in relation to access and usability for workers in organisations- once legislation and best practice standards are all maintained.
Cashing up as I have never done it before.
I normally finish my calls at 11pm but one night I was told I had to go and finish other calls that would take me through to 12am. My availability should end at 11 but I agreed to do the other calls even though I knew I had to get home as I do not like to think that the clients would not have had a carer go in if I could not go to them. I will always put anyone before myself and so I went and did the calls just to make sure that the clients had their needs met.
When I was working on a building site the site manager asked me to stay a bit later to move some bricks to the top of the scaffolding so to get my sef motivated to do the task at hand I thought to my self if I do this now then it one less thing to do the next day.
I will like to do everything I'm positive person I like work.
I set myself a goal to complete each section of my coursework so I would get it finished on time.
Prepare myself for the start of the day/shift to take on whatever task was needed done. It was for other people and needed done.
As supervisor I had to inform a coworker that ttake time off for an appointment. My motivation came from the realization that it to meet the needs of the business.
I had to complete tagging and marking 5 bottom rails of clothing at Next on my own which was alot, but I managed to finish it on my own before the end of my shift.
When a member of staff had to leave early for a hopital appointment & I volunteered to complete her last 2 rooms & the next day she would help with my last 2 rooms.
When I get put on a close, its very late at night and very hard work especially doing it on your own and in a busy cinema, but I power through and think about if I get tasks out the way earlier and quicker then I can help the other person on the close and we can get home quicker.
I dont really have a situation like that as if I got an assignment I would do is as soon as I could.
I possess a strong personality and throughout my life I have never said no to any task or assignment. I am always motivated and take initiative to accept any challenge and I firmly believe nothing is impossible. I can work well under pressure and meeting strict deadlines or working on a task just by my self or with team. I always perform well regardless as I treat anything to do at work part of job and responsibility.
Was working 12 hours a day and knew that if I carried on the results of my effort would be worth it.
I motivated myself when I have to do 900 hotels in just 3 months,As travelling my passion I start travel like bag pakkers which feels me great.
Well, usually I hate writing reports, but in my master thesis I had to write a report of 80 pages, and thanks God I succeed.
I had to cover for one of my co workers who works as sales assistance while she was on vacation. Although this was not something I looked forward on doing I covered for two weeks and actually got the hotels some groups and better my bons with some of our tour operator. Mi motivated myself telling me that this somehow was going to teach me something that would be helpfull in the future and that by doing what my coworker does, I could use that information for improve our process.
I'll do my best and concentrate on the final result.
Travelling to a place and meeting good people to deal with business.
I say myself that it's nice to help someone, and that they will notice.
I decided to make it good as I can so I can make a really position in my class.
At raj acedemy we have project to complete in 2 weeks and that was impossible. I was only developer at that time because another developer was not there at that time so I continiously motivated myself and later finaly completed assigned task.
I had to cover for one of my colleague who works as Contracting Manager while she was on urgent leaves for about 2 weeks. Although this was not something I looked forward, its provides me an opportunity to have better relationship with hotels. I motivated myself telling me that this somehow was going to teach me something that would be helpful in the future .
Had flu but had promised client site would be done at certain and did so even though very ill.
There are several times that I got tasks that were complex and I had to explore them all by myself. I told myself that my team were counting on me and I had to be a unique person and the first experience of developing such a complex task.
I once had to host an song quiz for which I wasnt ready for but I thought this could be my last chance to work as a host so lets try it and I completed that task successfully.
I cannot recall a situation involving a task that was not interesting.
I just kept going I knew that it would be worth the effort.
I studied law and I found that this is not where I belong to yet I always put I'm mind that am. Going to finish the study and then do what am good at and that was working in tourism at the first place then create my own project which was a little boutique hotel in damascus.
There was once I was assigned to be a Party In Charge of a Birthday party. Everyone did not want to do it and I did not want to either but I was asked to be the in charge of that party because I was the senior and had more experience. All I was thinking about was not to let others bad experience with this customer affect my job to serve her well. My motivation was that, I need to serve her well and show my colleagues that she isn't as bad as they thought.
Static changes for customer support queries.
I had to give the students a tour.
I had to work more than 12 hours a day to achieve the target and was looking for the aim afterword.
When I first started the product spreadsheets were a shamble and I knew in order for me to start contracting this will need to be cleaned up. So I had to focus on the positives and the outcome of the completion of the task rather than dwell on the time spent on cleaning the spreadsheets for all 3 destinations.
Knowing that the end result will benefit revenue and the team.
No because I enjoy working . I like doing something new everyday.
I would always want to do the job in hand. If I didn't I wouldn't be doing the job.
At college I had to do a powerpoint of all the different care needs for a child, I motivated myself to do this by telling myself over and over it will be worth it when its finished and I was right it was.
If assisgmnt is all well I will do if not m not doing.
When at college I had to complete an assignment which I was not interested in. I would remind myself of the importance of the task and thing of the bigger picture. Some time spent now doing something I don't want to do could reap potential better rewards in the future. I would look at the best way to do the task and see if I could make any part of it more enjoyable.
I had to motivate myself when I was really poorly as I have two kids, had to still be able to look after them and do a school run.
Well in my college days I used to be very stubborn the things seems to be very messy before exams.. Lots of stuff would be there to complete, on last day of submission of btech project I myself motivate a lot to complete that assignment.
When I face a hard day with clients and I suppose to get calls for next day so I motivate myslef be success and I cannt waste one day without making calls.
When I was going though my divorce process I was mentally disturbed. I was not in position to do work however, I pushed my self to complete the target so that my professional life would not get affected.
I motivate myself by telling me that it will give me benefits in future.
I was asked to oversell a property for about 180% of its original price.
Always go an extra mile ... Sold 5000 units to a customer and that was itself highly motivating.
I focused on my target in completing the assignment on time.
All the time, whenever I have an assignment due in school I always have to motivate myself to get it done, by telling myself how good it will feel once its done and how this could help me to get a good grade.
I had to write a 6 page essay and I was completely tired from practice that I had earlier that day but I motivated myself by reminding myself about what the end goal was and what I must do to achieve that goal and I did what needed to be done.
That would Be when I had to do english assignment for school in order for me to get the A I wanted to have My motivation was if I did my paper good at the end I would have the A
When I worked at my bakery, on my vacation days off school I would be asked to come in and open at 4:00am and addition to opening on weekends at 4:00am. My motivation was taking advantage of that opportunity to learn how the store is run on weekdays aside from the weekends and gain more experience.
I told myself that I am assigned to this task that my manager told me to do and there is nothing that I can do to change it and this is what I signed up for.
It is all about end result for me, I am in a way a perfectionist and once I start something I get an idea in my head which has to be followed through with.
In school when there is a project I dreaded doing. I knew I was there for a reason though so despite all I still finished.
Well, at my old co-op placement I constantly had to do photocopying all day. I started to get bored of it but in the end, I would have to take responsibility and get the job done.
Shortly after I began working at Michaels I came into contact with a very hard to please customer who was very abrupt and angry. I worked through it and did not let their mood phase me. I remained polite and professional, I helped her understand the issue and we resolved it together, by the end of the transaction the customer was no longer upset.
I was challenged more than before and I was calm to learn about roles of this situation.
I will always try to get things done, I always find asolutions towards something that I want to do.
Just reward yourself after each little bit done and eventually it all gets down. Inch by inch everything is a cinch.
During my project in b. Tech level. I am worried about my completion of my project whether I can complete my task within time . But due to motivation given to me by my project guide. I completed within time.
At the college interview.
Project summary on my website. Whether you like the team or not, they depend on you, and you depend on them. Having been on a sports team since I was young I know that for a team to work, to lead by example, you demonstrate that you are willing to do whatever it takes for your team.
I had to prepare a long never ending Analysis of transaction alerts to analyze the behavior of customers and determine AML parameters, since the volume of transactions was high and analysis was for to be done for the whole year it was a very time consuming, repetitive and boring activity. I would keep telling myself I only had x months of transactions left and carry on it till it was all done.
Iam completed experiential learnig on big bazar.. In that situation my role is collecting the goods and services to offering a customer. So one customer has came and complait the defected product. In that situation I am motivated my self to convience the customer.

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