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What are your most definable leadership characteristics?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nike interview

How to Answer

This question is your opportunity to shine! Think about what makes you a great leader. These are often the traits that other people admire about you.

To which of these qualities do you most identify?

- Confident
- Optimistic
- Encouraging
- Accountable
- Engaged
- Passionate
- Integrous
- Loyal
- Charismatic

What are your most definable leadership characteristics?
Answer example

"I possess great leadership qualities that include diligence, tenacity, and open communication. I look forward to taking these skills to work for Nike!"

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What are your most definable leadership characteristics?
I am the most senior employee during my shifts at jugo juice and I often help lead new employees and teach them the basics.
I am willing to take initiative, and I stand up for what I believe.
I'm very observant and compassionate, which are underrated qualities of a leader. If there's a decision to make or an action to be done, I always try to get a 360 degree view of every possible outcome and consider how my decision or action will affect someone else. That way when I take the lead, I'm making choices that allow everyone to come out a winner.
I have an extremely positive attitude, creativity, and strong ability to communicate well.
My most definable leadership characteristics are Dedication, Fairness, and Magnanimity.
Problem solver, meeting deadlines, motivator.
My definable leadership characteristic is the ability to LEAD. I am very well at working with others and can step up and take the leadership role if needed. I can get a group together and I make sure that everyone gets involved and that everyone works together in order to prove one another. As a leader, I get call most of the shots, but I am humble to take advice and critic from my peers. I do the best I can to improve myself and my team.
Being able to listen to other people's point of views. It is good enough being able to lead a team with ideas and creativity but you need to also listen to your team and work together.
My most definable leadership skills would be leading by example because I believe that the most important aspect about being a leader is to be a leading example, in order to have validity to what you say or do.
Ive always been very vocal, even on the basketball courts, as a point guard I have to be the vocal floor general and guide my team. Also I like to lead by example . And most importantly dedictaion.
Always stay calm. Listen. Study.
Bringing positive energy to a group and providing direction.
I have a positive attitude, I will take full responsibility for my actions, and I can communicate effectively.
Being proactive, respectful and open to change. If as a leader I must be willing to change in situations and learn from my mistakes as this will reflect upon the other staff members.
Knowing how to handle people.
Commicuating with others, being open minded, and respecting everyone around me.
Enthusiasm, assertive, disciplined, wanting to be the absolute best, achieving my highest goals at the fastest rate possible.
Open communication. getting to know the employees on a personal level to try to find a common ground. Being honest.
Taking initiative and controlling a situation without hesitation or being intimidated is what I do best. I naturally take a leadership role and am able to relate to every individual in a group setting.
I am a good listener, I am polite with everybody, and I treat everyone equally.
Outgoing, charismatic, dependable.
My ability to strive under pressure and keep motivating myself and others.
Take a resposability, lead, assist.
I can find a way to resolve problems while keeping everyone happy.
I can communicate very well .
Outgoing, Friendly, I can lead by example.
Attitude, I feel as though if you carry yourself like a leader others look at you as such.
Communication and my thought process.
The chance to be apart of a company that has a chance to make a difference in every athlete's life. From clothing, to fuel points, motivation through techology, to following sponsored athletes.
Honesty, I can own up to a mistake I made and I am very good with being able to sit down and conversate about what is going on and how we may fix problems. Goofy, it sounds weird but I think work environments should be where everyone can have a fun time but still get work done. And then my commitment.
I have asked this of my friends and advisors alot actually. They comment that I am kindhearted and driven. That even if I am busy with something I will always ask if someone needs help and help out. I am friendly and always there to help.
I am a hard-worker, great listener, and a critical thinker.
Direct. Communicative. Positive and upbeat, personable.
I am creative, trustworthy, and confident. I do not lead from the front or back but from with in. The best quality of a leader is to be one with the others.
Enthusiasm, great team work spirit and capacity to work under preassure.
I have dedication, creativity, openminded, and fairness.
Proactive, Flexible/Adaptable & Good Communicator.
The way to leadership is through experience and understanding. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was that you cannot tell someone how to do something until you have done it yourself. With this being said, I believe it comes with a level of understanding. By understanding you employees as well as how to execute the tasks you are giving, you are able to provide support and guidance to others.
When it is appropriate to lead and when it is appropriate to listen.
Some leadership characteristics I have are making sure my team is communicating well enough. Also, I pay much attention to detail and I am determined to help out as much as I can for my company.
I am dedicated, humble, open-minded, have integrity and a sense of humor.
I have a lot of confidence when dealing with a client. I have one goal and that is being successful at the one thing that I am doing.
Having a positive attitude, my communication, and my thought process.
Openess, interested in input from team and able to make the decision but I am happy to let others willing to give people chance to learn fail.
Definitely my ability to communicate to other members of the team.
Being a positive role model and by leading through example defines me as a leader.
Work ethic, communication skills, lead by example.
Communication, leading by example as well as helping others out when in need.
I like to lead by example when possible, explaining my methods and processes along the way.
My extreme determination, attention to detail and hard work go without saying. What more I bring to the table is a fresh look on things, high motivation for my team and stress releasing.
Very organized and focused with strong attention to detail Efficiend.
I consider myself a leader because I can hear the different points of views from others to make the right decision, a decision that is for the common good.
Leading by example, my coaching style, my respect for others.
I can coordinate people while allowing each one of them to give their best contribution to the overall project.
Took a team of 6 with low goals and inspired them to accomplish them within that month.
Responsible, quick on my feet, trust worthy.
I'm outspoken, responsible, and compassionate.
Good listener, able to handle different types of situation and able to adapt to circumstances.
Still able to meet goals with limited resorces.
I would say that I'm very outgoing and I'm not afraid to take control of a situation if need be. I am also good at respectfully getting a point across and giving constructive criticism in the best possible manor. People deserve multiple opportunities in my eyes and being able to help them through will allow success much quicker.
Communication, I do really well with others, Giving designers a voice opens up great relationships, the more valuable you can make a designer the more you'll see a happy passionate designer.
Commitment, Honesty, Confidence.
When I lead a group on a project, I am very open and friendly to all team members. I like to get the whole group involved and not just tell them what to do. I like to lead the group as working as a team versus individuals.
I am confident in myself, as in I can achieve anything I set my mind to & believe others can too.
Well cared in the details and I do not like inaction in the work and I love to discover new every day and never be afraid of experience and risk.
I know when its time to work and get things done.
Approachable, open to ideas and feedback, positive constructive feedback to others, ethical, good listening skills.
Communication, motivation, confidence, self improvement.
I know how to take control but not over the top were nobody would want to listen to me. I have a great attitude and know how to work with others and get things done in a timely manner.
Communication, Thought process.
I communicate well, able to make decision and solve problems, able to create.

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