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How do you stay organized and on track when working on a long-term project?

"I pride myself on my ability to multitask and my ability to stay organized in key in multitasking. For me, proper organization starts with using technology to my advantage, and I do this through the use of my Outlook calendar and tasks functions. I take time each day to update my tasks and project work and use my ability to prioritize tasks, ensuring proper focus. In looking to bring these skills to long-term project work with your clients, staying organized and on the task will be extremely important for the success of both IHS Markit and your clients."

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30 IHS Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. How do you stay organized and on track when working on a long-term project?

  • 2. Besides compensation, what do you value the most in the workplace?

  • 3. What questions do you have for me?

  • 4. In what ways would our clients here at IHS Markit benefit from your knowledge and services?

  • 5. Do you have experience with big data tools for machine learning such as Apache Spark?

  • 6. An often difficult part about working for IHS Markit and our clients is the need to be fluent and adaptable to the cultures of our clients. Why would you say that you'd be able to handle this aspect of the job with ease?

  • 7. Talk about a time that you successfully educated another individual or group in your area of expertise. What made your educational experience effective?

  • 8. What is pervasive business intelligence, and what does it mean to you?

  • 9. Help me understand your standards for success in your last job. Please describe what you did to attain those standards, and if you fell short of expectations, what did you do to remedy the problem?

  • 10. What is your favorite data management tool at the moment?

  • 11. When we work with our clients here at IHS Markit, an essential part of receiving buy-in from them comes from business diagrams and charts. What experience do you have in creating and presenting business diagrams and charts?

  • 12. Great data visualization will present data in a convincing way. How do you improve human perception when presenting data?

  • 13. Would you say that you are a goal oriented person on the job? Why would you say that?

  • 14. In your opinion, is data a true asset for a business. Why or why not?

  • 15. Walk me through your experience in databases, predictive modeling, and business intelligence. In which of these areas are you best versed?

  • 16. How do you prevent data leakage?

  • 17. Tell me about a time where you made an excellent recommendation that you think would have significantly benefited your client, but they didn't like it. What approach did you take to convince them?

  • 18. Our clients have high expectations for our work. Tell me about a time you worked with challenging time constraints but were still able to exceed client expectations.

  • 19. What is your approach to working with a large amount of information/data?

  • 20. What tools and programs are you comfortable and experienced working on that would help you in this role with IHS Markit?

  • 21. What interests you in joining the business consulting world here at IHS Markit?

  • 22. How does data drive a business' success?

  • 23. Part of our business is in big data, which is continuously changing as new technology and products enter the market. How do you keep up-to-date on these changes?

  • 24. Your customer wants you to explain the benefits of the Big Data model you developed, how do you communicate the insights they can use for their business?

  • 25. We're a company of innovative thinkers; we rely upon our innovative thinking to solve client problems. Tell me about a time when you came up with a breakthrough idea that was not obvious to others. Describe your idea and how you developed it.

  • 26. If you were to join IHS Markit in this role, you would be counted on to lead projects. Talk about a time you had to lead a team of individuals. What leadership skills will you bring to us?

  • 27. We offer services in areas such as asset optimization, customer experience, finance transformation, and risk mitigation. In which field of data management do you specialize?

  • 28. Being successful in consulting and working here at IHS Markit requires the ability to work effectively with Type A personalities. What are your experiences in working with this personality and how did you make the relationships a success?

  • 29. Being successful in the consulting industry requires adaptability and the ability to learn a business fast. What is your approach to learning the ins and outs of a new client?

  • 30. At IHS Markit, you will have the opportunity to work with our clients' high-level executives and leaders. What experience do you have in working with people at these levels?