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Which organizations are you currently involved with?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

What are you doing to give back to your community? If you're not currently involved in an organization, share how you are making a positive impact in your community or your family.

Basic answer example
"I'm working with an organization that teaches kids about nature. I enjoy it because I care about the environment and I love working with kids. It's good to know that by educating them I'm empowering them to make a difference in their communities."
Entry Level answer example
"If you're not involved in an organization, consider this, "I started a book club with my friends. Every month we choose a book that teaches us more about the world we live in. It has been a great way to build community and learn about different cultures."
Experienced answer example
"Currently, I give time to the local Red Cross and an in-class mentoring program for young students at my local elementary school."

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Which organizations are you currently involved with?
I would like to start work at 9:00 and finish around 4:00.
Absolutely yes, I do work between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
No, I am not involving in any other organizations.
I am not currently volunteering with any other organizations.
Yes. I volunteer for a non profit called share a pet. It is a program that provides pet assisted therapy to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, veterans homes and other places.
I volunteer at a local career center helping answer phones and directing c customers to their correct workshops.
Yes, as a nursing student at boise state university I am hugely involved in the boise state nursing program. I am also a member of global citizenship and social responsibility club and work as a wildland firefighter and sigma theta tau international.
No, I am not currently involved with any other organizations.
No, I am not currently involved in any other organizations.
No but I am looking forward to participating in this organization.
No, I am not currently involved in any other organizations.
No, I am not currently volunteering for any other organization.
No, I am currently not involved with any other organizations.
No, I am currently not involved with any other organizations. I look forward in volunteering here to help out others who are in need and to gain new friends.
No, but l an looking for a job for the mornings starts at 9:00am and finishes around at 4:00pm.
No but I am looking forward to participating in this organization.
No, but I look forward to volunteer in this organization because I have the skills and knowledge to excell in this position and I look forward for the challenge and the learning experience.
Yes I am currently a volutneer at my local pool where I teach swim lessons to children of all ages, I am also a volunteer ta my church where I help watch children while their parents are at mass.
No I am not currently involved in any other organizations. However, I do look forward to being with this organization.
Yes I am currently volunteering for St Johns ambulance on mondays from 5pm onwards.
To gain experience and support and guide young people to fulfil their potential.
Yes, on campus I work at Boyd Dining Hall and I am a member of the Read-Johnson Honors Complex and Toplaytoo. At home my family participates in Missions in Motion and I like to stay involved with my church.
No, I am currently not involved in any other organization.
Yes, I have been doing volunteer work in different organizations.
Currently, I remain a Fort York volunteer for special events and am on hand if they need anything proofread or edited for their volunteer newsletter, Good Fortune. Otherwise, I am a participant and one of the original members of the uOttawa Creative Writing Club.
No except an informal management assistance I render to a family owned fashion business.
I am not currently involved in ay other orgainsations and I would like to take this oppertuninty to help me become involved with the public.
No, however I want to volunteer at a medical hospital after 9th grade.
I am not currently involved in any other organizations but I am looking for opportunities to help wherever I can be of use.
I currently work at Conquer Training which is a personal Training gym in Portsmouth village. I am also hoping to volunteer again for the sisters of providence.
During the school year, I am involved in ponctual student organizations for helping during festival for example.
Yes currently I am teaching public health related subjects including HIV.Apart from this I am also involved in mini research, training and facilitation, monitoring and evaluation related activities.
Singapore Taiwan Business Association, Taiwan Power Electronic Association and also Power Supply Society in China.
Yes, yearbook, choir, handbells, ensemble.
I am currently in track and field.
As of right now I am not.

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