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What are your 2 greatest strengths?
When you answer this question be sure to answer it by using examples of feedback you've received from a colleague or former supervisor.
Answer examples
"I feel that my 2 greatest strengths are my ability to patiently listen and my inquisitive nature. My colleagues have told me previously that they appreciate how calm and collected I can stay throughout a challenging situation. Also, my previous supervisor complimented me on my inquisitive nature because she was very impressed with my willingness to research topics new to me."
"My colleagues have always said that I'm very compassionate and patient, and that I make a very good teacher. I think that teachers in special education need to be especially patient with their students, and it's easy for me to be this way because I care a lot about children, especially those with intellectual disabilities."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your 2 greatest strengths?
I lifted a car once and another time picked up a grand piano.
I believe I am very good at building positive and successful working relationship. I am also highly organized.
Hard worker nad flexilble love working with kids.
I am hard worker puncutal flexible.
Collabaration and differentiation.
My greatest strengths are flexibility and professionalism.
Organizational skills and determination to level the field for my students to succeed.
I am reflective in order to provide the best supports I can and I follow through on a daily basis.
Collaboration with the team including the parents, and problem solving.
My two greatest strengths are my dedication/commitment to doing the best job I can and my genuine passion/compassion to make a difference in the life of others.
As an instructor, I believe that my two greatest strengths are collaborating with others and creatively finding ways to meet the needs of various student populations.
I am passionate about teaching--I teach from the heart. I am very organized.
My two greatest strengths are organized and patience. I organize things by last name and have a place for everything. I have tons of patience by my experience with children of all ages and how to handle stress.
My two greatest strengths are being organized and being a fast learner.
I think my two greatest strengths are my ability to develop meaningful relationships with students and my attention to detail.
I have a lot of common sense and I am resourceful.
My first strength is to actually put myself in the place of others and feel their pain, it makes me be a better person to them when they need me. The second strength is my ability to put people at ease and make them feel welcomed and wanted.
I give it 100% every time. I can walk into my job and no one will know if I have had a bad day etc... I always have a smile on my face.
My two greatest strengths are my patience and my passion to teaching.
Organization- I like to have lesson plans prepared well ahead of time and then adjust accordingly. I like a clean and organized classroom as well. The ability to adapt to change- Although I plan ahead and like organization, I realize that working in special education means each day is new and can be much different from the day before. I like to have extra plans in case the originals do not fit into the day and I adapt well to changes in the day.