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If you could do anything different in your education, what would you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Special Education Teacher interview

How to Answer

Even though this question has the ability to create a somewhat negative tone, you can still answer it in a positive way.

If you could do anything different in your education, what would you do?
Answer example

"When I first started my career, I wasn't as focused on a speciality and ended up spending a lot of time working with students who had more low-incidence disabilities. I wish I had been introduced to more specific work, with individuals affected by Autism, sooner in my career."

Answer example

"I would've focused on special education much earlier. When I first started my education, I only knew that I wanted to teach, but I didn't know what population was most suited to me yet. Now that I know that special education is what I enjoy the most, if I could go back, I'd specialize in that from the beginning."

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If you could do anything different in your education, what would you do?
The only thing I would have done differently in my education was to obtain my education at an earlier age.
I would have went into banking. I worked at FSCB for a year and loved it.
If I could do anything different in my education, then I would pursue a doctorate instead of the additional master's degrees that I have.
I would do the assignment before the due date.
Double Masters in Speech/Language pathology.
I would take more classes in special education and spend more time in a school.
I always am reading about new techniques for special ed and regular ed students.I see the value of persuing a regular ed degre.
I would have focused on an education degree.
I would still like to take more education classes because I love to learn.
I would have gotten my teaching credentials sooner.
If I could do anything different in my education I would have taken more Social Work classes.
I would take more classes in applied behavioral analysis.
I would have gone back and gotten my masters right after my undergrad. It was very challenging holding a full-time teaching position and going to school for my masters full time as well.
I would have gone into teaching during my undergraduate degree.
I would continue my education.
Start when I was younger.
I really enjoyed the wide span of courses I took during my B.A in English but I would have changed my undergraduate work to social services or education related majors to increase my fundamentals in those disciplines.
I would have gotten my teaching credential earlier.
I would get my doctorate.
I probably would have finished my Master's program while I was in it. I was pregnant at the time and working as an education specialist for students with emotional disturbance so the load was quite heavy. I decided to step back from the masters program to focus on my career and family but now I realize I only have a couple classes left to complete.
I would help make all students aware of the students with disabilities and what exactly they are--most students today dont even know what autism today is and I think if more of the students knew then that would make it less likely for all students to be bullied.
I wish I would have started earleir.
Wait until I was mature enough and ready to focus on school before starting my college career.
I would have changed my major for my Bachelors degree to education.
If I could do anything different I would double minor just to be at more of an advantage for my students.
Special educator in deaf area.
I would have completed my masters right after my undergraduate degree.
I would spend more time interacting with children in a daycare or preschool setting.
I would have pursed my Autism certificate.
I would have earned a dual major.
I would go back to school to receive my masters degree.
I would spend more time with differentiated intruction.
If resources were available, I would love to incorporate more hands on experiences and experiential opportunities outside of the classroom.
I would take more behavior classes.
I would have taken the addition courses needed to earn my reading specialist license.
I would have gone to college straight out of highschool instead of waiting until I was 39 years old.
I would have gotten more involved in the organizations working with special needs.
If I could go back to middle school/high school Tessa I would have enrolled in a woodworking/woodshop class.
Yes I would have furthered college.
I would have gone to college after high school rather than 20 years later.
I would mark progress based on previous years as opposed to comparing school to school. Not every school faces the same academic challenges making AYP an impossible measuring stick.
Have more communication to developmy interestsand areasof strenths.
I would continue my studies in the field of behavior supports and autism. I would also make sure that I continue to build structure and routine into my classroom so the students have clear and precise boundaries and know what is expected of them.
I would take classes toward earning a masters in academic leadership.
If I could do anything different in my education I would continue to go to workshops improve on and learning new teaching skills.
If I could do something different in my education, it would be to have gone to college younger in life and pursue a higher education.

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