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How do you handle yourself under stress?
How to answer
This is a great time to give an example of a time when you overcame a very stressful situation.
Answer examples
"A couple of months ago we had a situation where one student had a complete breakdown in class. I was able to remain calm by following our program's protocol and taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the student and everyone in the classroom. I am generally quite good under pressure and even better when I feel well equipped to manage the situation."
"When I feel my heart racing and my shoulders hunching, I know that I'm stressed and I tell myself to take a deep breath. Then, the first chance I get, I stretch my arms and legs out as far out as I can and think about a small treat that I'll let myself have once I get out of work. I picture it in my mind and smile. I take another deep breath and then I get through the rest of my day with a smile, knowing that whatever happens, I'll have that treat waiting for me."
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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle yourself under stress?
It depends upon the situation in which I am feeling stressed. If I felt stressed in a classroom, to the point of which I concerned myself, I would either syep out of the room for a moment, leaving the students with an aide or - if I were alone - would tell the students that I needed a moment and ask them to read quietly for 5-10 minutes.
Being able to stay calm and find ways of handling a hard situation is key.
I take a second to take stock of the facts and ground my actions based on what is actually occurring and I review the plan I have made.
It depends on the stituation, but I always try to remain calm and get a grip on the situation and solve the problem.
I am very good at handleing stress because I am able to use a variety of positive strategies that deesculates stress.
When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I will give my students work to do quietly so that I can gather my thoughts and reflect on a positive way to handle the stress I feel.
I take a moment, remove myself from the situation, reflect on what is occurring and formulate a plan to deal with the issue calmly and rationally.
I handle it quite well, I really try to be calm and think things through.
I handle stress verily well. I remained unflustered. I will assess the situation, develop a plan to handle the situation and seek help if I need it to work with a difficult situation.
I read books and surf the internet. I also take deep breathes.
I read a book, listen to music and take deep breathes.
My current job requires me to analyze and resolve problems quickly. It is a high stress job. I try to just stay focused to get the job completed. Once the task is done, I take a few minutes for self reflection to analyze my approach, seeing is I could have done things differently.
I handle myself well. I concentrate on the situation that has to be dealt with immediately.
Under stress I handle my self very hard.
Very well, I have a lot of patience.
Teaching method for deaf student.
I am a very calm person. I listen and reflect, and later I run, it helps clear my mind.
I actually strive under stress and found that in situations during my work at C.Ark, I was effective in maintaining my composure if a kid was fighting another child or staff. During stressful moments I focus on how to best solve the situation in a calm matter.
I get alone so I can process what is happening.
Patience, concentrate on issue at hand, and make or check my list to make sure I have remained on schedule for completing my tasks.
Listening music and reading.
I handle stress well. I tend to take a lot of deep breaths and pace myself befoer making any rash decisions.
I am calm on the outside, however anxious inside.
As a teacher stressful situations are bond to happen, I believe that the best way to avoid stress is to be organized.
I take a deep breath and talk myself through it.
Take a break; resume duties.
Take it slowly get the job done then go for a walk.
I prioritize the most important to least important task on a list and go down the list in order that order.
I take a deep breath, count to ten and look at the situation from a different point of view.
Well I do what I tell my students, count to ten, take a deep breath. I also like to make lists of things to do so I can best organize myself in order to perhaps alleviate that stress.
I work well under stress. Right now, I'm taking classes and am a long term substitute teacher. That is basically the same thing as a teacher. It is stressful, but I am always praised for my hard work and dedication.
When under stress, I maintain a tight control over my behavior and responses to others.
I handle myself well under stress. I tend to not overwhelm myself with the stressful event, but rather find alternate ways to avoid the situation or try to make it less stressful on myself.
I try to remain calm and think the situation through and try to resolve the situation as well as I can.
I am pretty calm, I might be irritated on the inside but I am calm on the outside.
It depends on the situation, at work I am very calm, I try to see the big picture before I get myself all worked up.
Depending on the situation,I am very calm at work.
I am a very worried person, so sometimes I stress myself out more than necessary. I can work well under stress though and will push through it until I get the results that I need.
During stressful times, I take a deep breath and remember that I am working with children and things do not always go according to the plan and move on from there.
I am very good at managing my stress in different situations thanks to my experience as a lifeguard. I know exactly how to react instantly in a situations and have learned ways to avoid stress melt downs. While I know that education is different than lifeguarding I learned alot about how to handle the stress.
I actually work best under tight deadlines and stress. I make sure to be very thorough in my work during stressful times to make sure that everything is done that is needed.
I handle well under stress. I take a deep breath and think about the situation. Then, I am able to evaluate the situation and think of what to do next.
Under stress I will drink some coffee, go for a walk, and reflect. Knowing that all things pass helps me to get by, I also will work ahead to ease the stress and by staying organized.
I think I am calm and level-headed.
I'm a very calm and collected person during difficult situations. I'm not afraid to ask for help if I need it and I try to always keep calm for my students sake. If I react at all to stressful situations it is well after the fact when I am alone.
When I’m under stress I am hyper organized, in the kitchen baking, or running.