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How can you illustrate to me your dependability?

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This is a great time to give an example of a time you have been recognized or complimented on your dependability.

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"In my current role I have had colleagues comment quite frequently that they are happy they can rely on me to be at work, complete what I say that I will, and fill in where necessary. I am a strong team player and will absolutely cover work for a colleague if asked. I also have perfect attendance in my current position."

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"The parents of my students know that I'm always available to them between 7 AM and 7PM on weekdays. I'm very consistent. If they call me at that time with any questions or concerns, I pick up immediately if I'm not in class. If I can address them within 5 minutes, I do so. Otherwise, I ask them to send me an email if it's not urgent. No matter what, I'll get back to them within 2 days. I consider it my personal duty to make sure the parents feel that they can depend on me because it's hard enough to raise a child with disabilities, they need a teacher who's responsive and caring."

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How can you illustrate to me your dependability?
I am always there when you need me. I arrive early so I know where I am supposed to be.
I realize people rely on each employee to complete their job at the best of their ability each and everyday.
I am conscientious, hardworking, rarely take a day off and am always prepared.
I have never been late to work or missed a day. I've never called in sick to any job I ever had. I am always present at PD meetings or anything else school related. I am also always available to help students or co-workers whenever they need it.
I can illustrate my dependability to you by noting my consistency in arriving early to work in all of my previous positions.
I am always early to work, I complete all tasks that are asked of me and I go over and beyond my job requirements by taking on extra responsibilities such as covering for teachers while being a teaching assistant.
You can call my Principal, my CT when I student taught, the teachers that I work with on a daily basis, my job is my priority, I will do the best.
I am a punctual person, and I try my best to manage work and my personal life. I also utilize my google calander/desk blotter to write down important appointments such as IEP meetings, etc.
I am extremely dependable. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it. I am always prompt, on time, and prepared for the day.
I have taught varies grade levels and have adapted or modified my teaching for all different student's disabilities.
Ive been a team player my entire life. Some teams, I was the strongest player, 100% in to motivating the team and helping us work hard through practices. Some teams, I was one of the weaker players (sports that I wasnt as strong at) I would find what I needed to work with and get as much extra practice as possible. Throughout all of my teams I always found a way to be an assets to the team. Even if I was not the strongest the team knew the could depend on me by working my hardest and trying to make the team better in every way possible.
Productivity, working with out supervision, attention to detail.
Throughout college I worked my schedule so that I could work at Malt-O-Meal back in my hometown every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and all breaks during college.
I have a very strong work ethic. I will be available to my students and peers outside of class time. I make sure that I am prepared for every meeting and have reached out to the appropriate people as needed.
I always show up to work on time and only call in when I'm really sick.
I am a very organized person and I like to have things done ahead of time. I always have back up plans in case something were to change as is often does in a special education setting. I have dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was in middle school so now that I am done staying home with my children, I am committed to putting my heart and effort into my teaching career.
Bacvk to work 3 weeks after surgery.
I am always early to work instead of on time. Being early is on time and being on time is late.
You can count on me to meet a deadline and to get things done in a timely manner.
I hate being late. I will do what ever it takes to be a good sped teacher.
I am very responsible because of the fact that I am a parent I know how important I am to these students and parents.
I have great time management skills. I'm always on time and show up early to everything. I'm alway available to collaborate.
Time management is one thing that I pride myself on. When it comes to creating IEPs, I try to create them at least a week in advance so I have time to look over them and really know what's in them. Being punctual to meetings, professional development programs, and other things is one of my greatest strengths.
I have been told by my supervisors that I can be depended upon and to engage students in learning.
I don't give up until the task at hand is completed. I enjoy working collaboratively and like to see our efforts grow.
I always show up to work on time and finish my reports in a timely manner.
The best way to illustrate it is to talk about this past school year. Despite living with a crazy family of five people I was always on time to school.
I'm one of the first to arrive at school everyday. I am never late, to school or meetings.
I work purposely eliminate obstacles of my students' learning. I want them become successful.
I urge you to speak to my references and hear from them how I am always on time, I am always willing to help anyone who needs help and take on all challenges with a smile.
I am punctual and flexible. I try to work with all parties as much as possible.
One time I did not do what I said I was going to do. After, the situation I felt terrible. I now like to.
I worked here for 6 years and every job.
I am a very dependable person. I always arrive to work early. I make sure I see each task through completion in a timely manner.
I am punctual, have a great attendance record, I make my deadlines, and reliable in my offering of assistance to another colleague.
I am the most frequently requested paraprofessional at our school. The teachers know I do a good job and will not let them down.
I try to come to come to work daily, for my students, it's important that you establish a continuity with your students.
I get to work on time, I am a "team player". I cooperate with faculty, and I am easy to speak to.
I was always available. Came to school early, left late.
.As a school crossing guard. If I didn.
The number of sick days I have accumulated in 12 years.
I attend every meeting and respond to every email, and if their was a reason I couldn't do those things, I would hold myself accountable to respond or get you the materials you need as soon as I would be able to.
I am never late, if anything I always try to be at least 15-20 minutes early for any type of appointment. If I know that I will not be on time or unable to make an appointment, I definitely call somebody within the time frame expected.
When I commit to something I whole heartily commit to it. I have high expectations and following through with tasks and relationships is very important to me. I volunteered as an assistant coach for special Olympics in Kent county every Friday I would drive back from Mt. Pleasant to Grand Rapids to coach the women’s team.
During my student teaching, I was always there almost a half an hour earlier than my cooperating teacher. I was always ahead of deadlines for my UM and other assignments. I am not the type of person who needs constant supervision. I am motivated and will complete all assignments ahead of schedule.
In my current place of employment, it was.
Describe a situation where his/her dependability showed through.
I am always 10-15 minutes early for work. I have a personal motto of under promising and over delivering. I take immense pride in my personal work and turn in nothing less than my best and I never make a promise I can not keep. If there is any doubt, I explain that up front.
I am extremely reliable and dependable. I can say that I have never missed a scheduled meeting at school. I know that I am part of a team effort and its important for me to be dependable as part of a puzzle piece/
I make sure to communicate at least on a weekly basis with teachers, record observations to ensure correct understanding of student progress, and I follow through.
I arrive to work every day 30-45 minutes early and work late to help students receive the extra help they need to be successful.
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