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Special Education Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
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How can you illustrate to me your dependability?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I am always there when you need me. I arrive early so I know where I am supposed to be.
I realize people rely on each employee to complete their job at the best of their ability each and everyday.
I am conscientious, hardworking, rarely take a day off and am always prepared.
I have never been late to work or missed a day. I've never called in sick to any job I ever had. I am always present at PD meetings or anything else school related. I am also always available to help students or co-workers whenever they need it.
I can illustrate my dependability to you by noting my consistency in arriving early to work in all of my previous positions.
I am always early to work, I complete all tasks that are asked of me and I go over and beyond my job requirements by taking on extra responsibilities such as covering for teachers while being a teaching assistant.
You can call my Principal, my CT when I student taught, the teachers that I work with on a daily basis, my job is my priority, I will do the best.
I am a punctual person, and I try my best to manage work and my personal life. I also utilize my google calander/desk blotter to write down important appointments such as IEP meetings, etc.
I am extremely dependable. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it. I am always prompt, on time, and prepared for the day.
I have taught varies grade levels and have adapted or modified my teaching for all different student's disabilities.
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