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20 Interview Questions & Answers

What are some of the challenges you see facing this industry?

Example #1
"I have two years' experience selling to the automotive vertical and know that a lot of profits are on the backend, so I believe there is a lot of opportunities there. Also, I know the automotive industry is antiquated in many ways and a bit resistant to technology, so I know that this solution will be both beneficial to your clients, but also a bit of a tough sell. I wholeheartedly welcome the challenge."
Example #2
"The main challenge in restaurant franchise sales is likely the financial burden on the franchisee when it comes to raising initial capital. The amount of time it can take to build a successful, profitable restaurant, even with a big name behind you, is significant. Because of that, I think the franchisor can get in a precarious position where they have a turnover, which while not immediately impactful to their bottom line since the franchisee absorbs the loss, does ultimately hurt the franchise in the end. Would this be an accurate statement, from your depth of experience in restaurant franchise sales?"
Example #3
"I have performed a great deal of research before coming here today and believe that the single biggest challenge facing this industry is a lack of understanding why the end-user needs your software product. SaaS sales is a very competitive industry, and my success will come from finding the potential customers' most significant pain point when it comes to their software and technology, and then physically show them how this product will improve their profits and streamline their processes. I understand this sales cycle is long so it will be essential to have a very well-researched sales pipeline."
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