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Tell me about your last experience recruiting, interviewing, or hiring an employee.
Be candid with the interviewer and share the highlights of your last recruiting or hiring experience. Recruiting: Perhaps you jovially encouraged your neighbor to apply for a job opening at your school. Maybe you met a student while you were leading a professional organization at your local college campus and later nudged them to apply. Whatever your experience, tell the interviewer about how you met the candidate, their great qualities, and how you sold them on the job. Be sure to mention that you succeeded in your recruitment efforts, and the candidate applied to the position! Interviewing/Hiring: Tell the interviewer how you prepared to meet the candidate. Was it a group interview, or did you meet one-on-one with the candidate. Be sure to mention that you used a structured interview guide and asked every candidate the same set of base questions. If you made the hiring decision, ensure that you mention you selected the candidate who had the best experience and demonstrated their support of the schools mission and vision in their interview responses.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your last experience recruiting, interviewing, or hiring an employee.
I was able to actively recruit in-house and was able to hire a very experienced and qualified candidate. Never had to fire anyone.
My last experience interviewing staff consisted of placing an add on Craigslist. Com. Once applicants returned emails with resumes and cover letters, I reviewed information, and decided to meet with the most qualified candidates. During the interview I asked questions pertaining to current position opened and listened to answers. Depending on the position I ask the top candidates back for a working interview in the classroom.
My last experience hiring an.
I havent had experience in this area. I welcome the board to sit in and help during the next few months to assist in this area.
Ive never hired but if I did I would take notes on her body language, passion, experience, etc.
Well I remember a time in my first job when my supervisor was not present and I had to interview a student that wanted to be a teachers aide. What I did was I google the questions for interviews, then I interviewed her and while I was doing it, I was writing everything down, and I was also looking for her body language, andhow confident she was answering the questions. The final result was that my supervisor was so happy and great full about what I did and she trust me more about running the classroom by my self. She also told me that she is so happy to have me in her team.
That would have been interviewing prospective students for an advanced program within the cosmetology school that simulated a real salon environment. Students were chosen for their academic excellence as well as their creative talent and the interview was set up as a practice interview for their first job.
August - filling over 35 volunteer positions - weekly finding subs.
I have had to interview several co-teachers for their positions. It was certainly a stressful time period interviewing multiple teachers and hoping for the best fit. It takes time and can be redundant. I did feel it was rewarding to have the opportunity to meet a variety of teachers. You quickly can see candidates you would mesh with over those that might not click. You also learn what to do and not do during an interview. So it's helpful in both ways!