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Top 15 Occupational Therapist Assistant Interview Questions
List of Occupational Therapist Assistant Interview Questions
  1. Do you enjoy communicating with patients?
  2. What is your one weakness, as an OTA?
  3. What motivates you as an OTA?
  4. Have you worked with any patients before? If so, tell me about your best experiences with one.
  5. What do you dislike about Occupational Therapy?
  6. Why do you want to be an OT Assistant?
  7. Did you pass the national certification exam?
  8. Tell me about your education.
  9. What do you like most about being an OTA?
  10. How should an OT and OTA function together? In your opinion.
  11. If you have a disagreement with the OT, what would you do?
  12. When have you demonstrated a great deal of patience in the work place?
  13. Does any type of patient treatment make you uncomfortable?
  14. Do you have any volunteer experience? How do you believe that helped you prepare for this career?
  15. Do you enjoy learning? Tell me one subject you recently dived into where you learned a few new things.
  16. What kind of supervisor gets the best work out of you?
  17. Do you enjoy helping out the team and making the office more successful?
  18. How do you typically treat patients?
  19. Would you say you are an organized, detail oriented person?
  20. How have you made your previous office better as an OTA?
  21. What do you not like to do as an occupational therapist assistant?
  22. Do you have further career plans, past being an OTA?
  23. What type of patients would you be interested in specializing in?
Contributing Author
Rachelle Enns
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Occupational Therapist Assistant Information
August 26th, 2017

Occupational therapist assistants help patients become more independent by helping them improve, develop or recover the skills they need for daily living and working. They are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare services and private clinics. In all of these workplaces, they work under the direct supervision and direction of a qualified occupational therapist. On the job, occupational therapist assistants teach patients therapeutic exercises and how to use specially designed equipment. They also set up therapy equipment, monitor therapeutic sessions, and record patients' progress. They report all their observations to the occupational therapist who is overseeing the patient's treatment.
An associate's degree from an accredited program is the minimum qualification required to work as an occupational therapist assistant. Licensing or certification is required to practice in almost all states. Compassion, physical strength, flexibility, an eye for details and excellent interpersonal skills are essential attributes for anyone wishing to pursue a career as an occupational therapist assistant.
Be prepared to answer tough questions that aim to gauge whether you have what it takes to work as an occupational therapist assistant. The interviewer may give you instructions that an occupational therapist would, to assess how well you follow and execute instructions. They will also ask you all types of questions related to techniques used in occupational therapy and your short and long term career goals. To be better prepared for your interview, go to Mock Questions and give some thought to how you would answer the interview questions listed there.

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