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What therapeutic techniques are you familiar with and which have you used successfully?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

This question is being asked to learn more about your work history. Take this opportunity to share a short story about a successful patient interaction. Discuss how you've made modifications for patients learning how to eat again, hand strength exercises used to gain hand movement or even sensory integration exercises.

What therapeutic techniques are you familiar with and which have you used successfully?
Answer example

"I've had a lot of success over the years with Therapy Putty. From children to patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've found that this simple tool not only builds strength but is also a nice stress reliever."

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What therapeutic techniques are you familiar with and which have you used successfully?
One that supports you encourages you and that is easy to talk to if there is a problem.
One that communicates with me.
One who works with me and wouldnt ask me to do something they wouldnt.
Some one that's driven on success and enthusiastic.
One that explains the role I am asked to carry out.
One who gives me feedback, is there for any questions I might have and one who cares about their job and patients.
Someone who lets me figure things out for myself, but also gives me some structure.
Understanding, who motivates people is positive and challenging.
Someone who is direct and tells exactly what he or she expects out of me.
Hands on. I like to work along the side of my supervisor but not to the point where the supervisor is micromanaging.
One that is down to earth and is approachable, not intimidating and who is friendly and supportive.
I think someone who listens and is willing to help you implement ideas that you have and helps you expand on these ideas.
One who gives support and is available when needed.
I get along with all my co workers and feel like I am a good team player.
All. Anyone who motivates me get the best out of me.
Someone who is approachable understanding and willing to support us when needed also a professional relationship.
I believe that a manager has to be able to lead, be able to work with the people he supervises if need be, but also be able to command respect if nessecary.
Somebody who trusts me and let's me get on with my work. But I would like super visions and feedbacks to improve my work.
Someone who loves what they do. Someone patient and who will want me to better myself by giving me constructive criticism.
A supervisor that gets the best work from me is one who is structured, organized, and open-minded to ideas.
One that listens respects and gives feedback on results.
A supervisor that is direct in what he or she expects from me. One who will correct me or give advice if needed.
One who is calm, does not micro manage and lets me be creative. One doesn't criticize, but allows for mistakes and demonstrates positive feedback.
One who is enthusiastic as empathy and is keen to help guide and support whilst challenging me too.
I enjoy a supportive supervisor who trusts me and allows me some freedom to set my own diary.
A supportive supervisor who will give regular feedback on my performance.
Ones who give and take, gives a little freedom, respectful, tells you when you have done something well occasionally.
A supervisor who is supportive and listens to my needs, but one that also is happy to correct me if they need to.
A fair one that loves their job and only asks you to do the best you can.
I believe that a supervisor that allows me to think creatively and allows me to have space to bring new ideas to the company gets the best work out of me.
One that gives me support when I need it, offers me contrastive advice whether positive or negative. A supervisor who is approachable and honest.
Any supervisor. I could be helpful for a nurse or an OT a Therapist or a Psychologist.
Supportive, caring, friendly, encouarging and patient.
A calm, good communicator that is good at demonstrating and instructing and also, approachable should I feel uncomfortable or unsure of something I have been asked to do.
Good communication and being supportive, and giving praise.
One that I feel comfortable with that is approcable that gives me feedback as to how I am doing whether it be good or bad how I need to improve or on the other hand where I have improved.
A supportive and easy to communicate with and doesnt mind that I ask questions when unsure about something.
One that is positive and encouraging at all times.
I work well with most people.

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