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What do you dislike about Occupational Therapy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

When you answer this question be careful not to fall into a slippery slope of negativity. Be brief and end on a positive note.

What do you dislike about Occupational Therapy?
Answer example

"Overall, the pro's always outweigh any con's in the in this career field. If I had to change one thing, I would wish for the billing process to be more streamlined for patients who are on financial assistance. It can take a long time for them to see a refund for their medical expenses."

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What do you dislike about Occupational Therapy?
Having to tell a patient their insurance cut them due to lack of progress.
There is not one thing I dislike about OT. I love it. I dislike it doesn't get the respect it should.
I dislike that I know I will not be able to help everyone as much as I want to but I will do the best that I can with each and every patient.
Not much possibly the resistance from service users.
Absolutely nothing I love every bit of it.
I wouldnt say there was anything I dislike about OT, but I can become frustrated with the role when patients do not want to engage, making me doubt my abiliities.
Seeing some off your patient becoming unwell.
How underestimated it can be,
That some patients may not be able to improve or I may not be able to help them.
One thing I dislike about occupational therapy would be that people don't know about it.
What motivates me is that I know that I can help some of my patients overcome obstacles and learn new ways in doing everyday activities.
Limiting time with patients.
One thing I dislike about occupational therapy is that it's so hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to go into because there is such a wide variety of settings.
Gets under appreciated and overshadowed by other therapy aspects.
What I dislike is that lately some companies are driven more by productivity .
There is nothing that I think I particularly dislike but the area I am most interested in is within mental health, I prefer this area much more over areas such as disability and working with old people.
Nothing, I think this is very rewarding job.
I dislike terrarist activity and violence.
Sometimes having to be quite firm in approach and concise with instruction.
Documenting technically is something I am not quite fond about. I am old school and prefer to do everything with paper.
Require wide range of knowledge and services.
Not having enough time to spend with patient.
Maybe the cleaning up sick. But I have two young children and lots of friends with young children miso I am very used to it.
Not understood or talked about as much as physiotherapy.
That everyone can't get what they need due to limited funds and sometimes the time scale can be too long.
The high productivity expectation in skilled nursing.
The challenge of helping people regain their independence.
That its under rated by other disciplines and although we have one of the biggest tool kits to help support and re skill people we are still over looked as a soft distraction therapy.
There really has not been anything I haven't liked in the last 11 years . There has been a few challenges due to insurance and policy changes . But I have learn to adapt and not let the negatives interfere with my job.
Patients who do not want to engage in the therapy.
I am new to Occupational Therapy and cannot say I have any dislikes and I have researched that it is varied role which would suit me immensely.
I have found some of the nursing staff quite challenging to deal with, however I have enjoy discussing and involving them in ideas that might work with some of their patients.
There is nothing I dislike about the jobs. Yes you are going to have bad days but of course you have that 5 minute breather, let it go and and begin again.
No service is perfect, my 1 dislike would be the process and time frame of getting the aids to the patients which id say stems from the NHS having such a demand and being so over used.
Not being able to spend more time with the patients. It is a bit hard to rush a patient through a shower in the morning when you know they are truly enjoying it.
Not seeing every patient progress. I am the kind of person who wants to see all of my patients succeed. So not seeing my patients succeed is hard. Unfortunately that is all part of the job.
The sometimes long timescales to access services for problems with wheelchairs. This can really affect the client with their independence which I don't like to see.
Working with others who have different goals to you, and family/friends who may hinder the patients recovery.
I dont really dislike anything about occupational therapy. Something that I have noticed is university is that we were being told to defend our profession which at first I thought was a negative thing but now I realise that it just means we have to be more proud about the great work occupational therapy does.
I dislike hearing the residents beat their selves up when they don't achieve one of their goals.
I do not dislike like anything about ot. I have trained throughout university and have a strong belief to promote independence is a important aspect about someones life. Without independence this may impact the physical and emotion well being of an individual.
I like every bit of occupational therapy.
One thing I dislike is when the patient goes farther down hill or passes away.
I do not dislike anything about this job because I believe I am born to serve people.
Seeing the patient suffer.
I dislike some people's opinion of what occupational therapy is, and I am always happy to explain why we do what we do, education of our field is very important in encouraging the government and others to validate our practice as much as possible.
I might dislike that most Occupational Therapist have to go to people's house to make adjustments.
I am very client centred and passionate in supporting people gain independence, but some of the external barriers may step in the way, such as limited resources i. E funding, and policies.
Nothing really to me it is a very rewarding challenging role that can change from day to day depending on the type and condition of your patients.
I like every bit of occupational therapy.
I dislike unrealistic productivity percentages. I feel that it lowers the quality of treatment patients receive and causes early burnout for therapists.
I don't dislike anything about OT. What I dislike is the bureaucracy of the health care system that can limit us to provide the most in depth care to the patients. But then again I somewhat love that challenge for OT, because it's where as OTAs we can put our cclinical and critical thinking to good use for the patient to benefit the most of their therapy.
There isn't anything I dislike about it, I think this is a great field that helps anyone to our best of our abilities.
Dealing with awkward patients.
Nothing.... I enjoy every aspect.
To be honest I don't think there is anything that I dislike about occupational therapy. I have always wanted to be a part of health care and I believe that occupational therapy is the best way to do that, because I want to help people get back to their full potential after being injured.
I love being an OT, their understanding of individuals in therapy.
That people don't know what we do.
Seeing the patients you are working with getting frustrated or being disappointed with their, but that just drives me to motivate them and push them further.
Productivity can sometimes take away from treatment sessions.
The fact that patients arent getting therapy at the weekends.
What I dislike about OT is the patients leaving. After working with them and developing such a close bond I hate to see them go.
Not enough experience for a dislike but in my fieldwork experience I would like more time with the patient and less time documenting.
I don't like when someone is not excepted for funding when they really need it.
There is nothing that I disklike about occupational therapy.
I have done my research into the job itself and can honestly say there is nothing that I would dislike about the job.
When patients are frustrated that they are not meeting their goals.
All the paper work.
Nothing really. I am not really keen in psychiatric patients.
As I have not yet worked within OT I cannot say what I dislike.
What I dislike about Occupational Therapy is.

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