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Do you enjoy communicating with patients?
When you answer this question, it is good to give an example of a time that you have had strong communication with a patient. You can also talk about a time that you were complimented by a supervisor on your strong communication skills.
Answer examples
"I really enjoy communicating with patients. Everyone has their own unique story, needs, and preferences. It makes my day go by so quickly when I can be in a patient facing role. Through my previous job reviews, my former supervisor consistently commented positively on my communication style with our patients."

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you enjoy communicating with patients?
Yes I enjoy speaking to clients and am an excellent listener. I am happy to communicate verbally or through the use of Art or creative materials.
Yes, I feel that I am a good communicator and a very good listener, and able to read between the lines. Each of my previous jobs have required me to communicate well with people at all levels.
I love communicating with people getting to know the individual well so they can put there trust in to me im outgoing friendly and very easy to talk to.
Yes, this is a very important and crucial part of the job.
I love talking to people. I do believe communication is vital, especially for those in vulnerable situations. Creating an easy comfortable environment for the patient will aid there recovery and situation.
I enjoy communicating with people, I find I can resolve some heated situations and I like finding out about people.
I find that talking to patients is one of the highlights of my job, I enjoy finding out what they enjoy doing, past experiences and how I can help them.
Yes, I love to get to know my patients, it gives me insight to how they feel and I feel I will be able to understand their needs and help them more.
I absoulty love communicating with patients.
I love communicating with the patients and making a difference to there lives.
I do enjoy communicating with patients; each patient has a story, a need to tell someone how they feel inside and out and to share their goals to get stronger, they need to convey and as a COTA I want my patients to tell me about all those things.
Yes, I enjoy interacting with patients and would sit and talk with no problems.
Not only do I enjoy communicating with patients, but I think that is essential in getting the patients the best possible care to make them as independent as possible.
I love it. You learn so much more speaking to patients. For example what support they have at home, if they are in pain, if they are unhappy with anything. You get to understand what the best treatment is for them and of course it allows them to have there input on the recovery process swell.
I do, communication is paramount in my job. I learn a lot from communicating.
Yes. I enjoy getting to know them and hearing their life stories. I think that's what they enjoy most about therapy, sharing their life experiences.
Yes, I love communicating with my patients . I like stab lodging a good rapport with my patients and letting them know that for the time we will be working together I am someone they can trust.
I love communicating with patients and helping them become comfortable in achieving their goals.
Yes I do love communicating with my patients and letting them know that I'm there to help achieve their goals.
I love communicating with patients because I am a friendly person with good communication skills.
I do enjoy communicating with patients especially educating them to better their quality of life. I am also a good listener.
I love communicating with patients. I like to find out what there goals are so that the patient can be an active participant in their treatment plan.
Very much so I feel that communication goes a long way to assessing your patients needs and lays out the programme needed for their reabilitation.
I absolutely enjoy communicating with patients. I love getting to know patients and explaining what exercises they need to do and how to do them. I want my patients to feel comfortable in my care.
Yes I am excellent at building a rapour.
I enjoy talking and meeting new people. One thing that I can say that makes me enjoy this job so much is communicating with people and learning about them. I love hearing stories and getting to know a person. It also helps with therapy and creating a repour.
I like listening to concerns and peoples lives.
Yes I like variation of communication.
I have learned in my past PT tech job that the physical therapist is not just a physical therapist but a physiologist.
When you communicate with the people of diverse age, language, educational background and lifestyle you actually learn the lessons from the realities of life that noursihes your personal, professional and spiritual aspects of life.
Yes I enjoy working with people on a daily basis as no single is the same. It important as a ot assistant that we build a rapport with the client to build on trust and respect.
Yes, I like to use a variety of communication skills, body language, eye contact, physical touch and I like to confirm that I understand what is being told to me.
Yes I love it. It is one of the best things about a job in health and social care.
Yes, I love communicating with patients. I love to hear all of the interesting stories that they tell and I like hearing about their lives and finding out about their families.
This is the are I enjoy the most. I love to listen well and engage with patients and to find the best person centered way for them to ensure they can be as independent as possible. Over the years I have learned that sometimes just the way you approach someone and the body language you give out can have a huge affect on the result.
I obsolutly love it, I love being be able to connect with patients. I feel that makes the bond and trust that much more secure.
Yes! I love finding out about the patients likes and dislikes, their families and some of their favorite toys. To find out how to communicate better with them and to know how to altar my treatment sessions.
I more than enjoy communicating with patients. I am a big talker and I can go on and on until something comes up where im forced to stop talking.
I am such a people person I will commincate with anyone. I believe we can learn so much through others. Having the time to sit and chat with pateints is so important not only does in build positive theraputic relationships but it is an opportunity to get know them and discuss their care and how occupational activities could help thier recovery.
Yes with patients at all levels.
I do really enjoy communicating with patients hearing there stories and what there interests are.
Yes. Drives me to be creative with treatments.
I sure do. The reason I chose the skilled nursing facility is that I will be working with the elderly, my favorite kind of people to work with.
I'd love to chatting with patients. Let them know that I care and listen.
Very much I'm define moly a people person and I enjoy talking to others.
I would like to communicate with patients as I am able to build a therapeutic relationship with patients and build the confidence and trust with the patients and also understand their physical, emotional and psychological needs.
I love to communicate with patients as it helps me to build confidence and trust with the patients and help me understand their needs.
Yes, I like to build a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to understand the patient's physical, emotional and psychological needs.
Yes, I do very much so, everyone's unique and has a story to tell.
I love communicating with patients and my colleagues. Communication is an extremely important part of any job.
I love communicating with people, meeting new people, as we can learn from any contact.
Yes, I enjoy working with people from all different background and cultures.
Yes I enjoy communicating its the most important part of the role. That way the interventions are more succsseful.
Yes, I am a very sociable person and enjoy engaging people on a regular basis whilst at work and being able to make connections with people and be able to develop a rapport with them and then that makes work more enjoyable and you can help them much more as well when you get on with them.
I love communicating with patients. I have a natural desire to want to get to know people and understand there needs.
I think communication with people is one if my favourite things.
Yes. This is one of the most important parts of my role. Communication is key to help patients recover and reach their potential.
Yes, you meet so many people and come across so may interesting people. I find it fascinating. And seeing my work help them and give them a better quality of life is so rewarding.
Absolutely. Communicating with the patients not only provides us with the information we need to approach their treatment, but it brings us closer to understanding their situation and them as people, permitting us to build a solid relationship with our patients. That relationship is so crucial to have a successful therapeutic treatment.
Yes, I enjoy listening to the patients and understanding their problems and finishing a solution or solving their problem.
It's what makes my job so good communication is one of the biggest enablers there is.
Yes! I feel that building relationships with both pt and families is important in the care provided to the patients well being.
I enjoy chatting to new people and finding out what works better for them.
Yes. I really enjoyed another patients happiness movements.
Yes very much it's one of the best bits of the job getting to know the patient.
Yes, especially having the abiity to make them smile.