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What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
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My dad drowning, having lifesaving skills I approached the problem calmly and brought him safely to the side of the pool using the techniques I had been tought.
In the beginig of my career the society wich recrute me was in trouble with soutretante client they need many plans drawn by autocad and I had to work for so long time at home tracing and drawing it was hard for me as a beginner.
Not being able to start school, and finish with a certification. But I did.
5g pipe welding. Consulted peers and instructors to gain insight on the best techniques.
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If you could, would you choose a different career?
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Yes if it made me go forward and riche my experience yes sure.
Outside of the metalworking trade, no.
I don't know yet. I want to find out what's out there and maybe I would try for something else. But I want to work hands on in a union.
I wouldn't choose a different carrer than a iron worker right not at this point in my life.
No I love the industrial field.
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How did you conquer your fear of heights?
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It take time but now I don't have any problem with that fear.
I started roofing houses when I was 15 and have been ever since then.
Patiently and safely climbing with three pints of contacts.
Never had a fear of heights.
I started climbing and made goals and when I met my goal I would go higher.
Ive never had fear of heights.
By doing other crafts in the field such as scaffolding and boilermaker work.
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What is the highest structure you have worked on?
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Its a tower it might be 40 metre.
Never worked on a high structure, but I get very excited when I am just around a talk building or bridge and know that people have worked hard to make this.
Roofs and scaffolding, working disaster restoration.
30 story building. Washing windows professionally.
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Have you ever had a mis-communication with the crane operator? What happened?
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Yes we wound up having to unload the shingels and walk them to the otherside of the roof.
No I have never had a miscommunication with crane operator.
No usally had riggers that work that department.
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About Ironworker

June 2nd, 2017

Ironworkers specialize in constructing and installing metal structures. Their exact tasks depend on the type of company they are working with. The construction industry is the major employer of structural ironworkers. These workers install iron beams, columns, and girders during the construction of bridges, buildings, and other large structures.
The road to becoming an ironworker is through an apprenticeship program, which is usually 3 to 4 years. Only those who have completed their high school are eligible to enroll in these apprenticeship programs. This is a physically demanding job. Ironworkers must have the physical strength and stamina to meet the strenuous demands of the job.
Prospective employers will use the interview to question you extensively about your knowledge of the job, especially the risks involved. Do you know what are the risks involved in this job? Most importantly, are you aware of the security measures that you need to take to protect yourself and the other workers on site? How much importance do you give to these security measures? If you are interested in knowing more about what questions to expect at your ironworker interview, check out Mock Questions.