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How do you usually determine which textbooks you will choose?
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Alignment with state curricula, appeal to students, ease of use by students.
Textbooks are chosen by students abilities and fluency rate. They would include a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books.
I think about my class's interest and the content I am trying to teach. Then I try to find a text they can relate to that will either build up to the subject matter or that will lend itself to opening a discussion about the content.
Depends on the standards that are covered in the book.
One of the first things I do is I compare what the textbook covers with the standards. I see if the textbook addresses the areas of the standards. Then I would address the readability of the textbooks to ensure that the students are able to comprehend the content material in the textbooks. Finally I would see what technology ancillaries come with the textbook that would enhance student learning.
I will have my teachers look at the textbooks to make sure it aligns with the TEKS and is user friendly. The teachers will also need to make sure that it is student centered.
First I look for many book samples as I can to revise them and compare them with our curriculum to see if they fill our needs! Saw them to the teachers wo will use them and ask their opinion too.
I would have a book committee for each department and work from their recommandations.
In the past I have formed committees to review several text book series. Textbooks have been chosen based on critical thinking skills, needs of the district, and opportunities to connect to the global community with meaningful tasks.
In our system we always convene a textbook committee. One of the things we look for is the rigor of the material, the teaching materials included, and other resources. However, we realize that textbooks are not the only resource teachers use to teach the content so we want to make sure the selections or units can be used in a flexible way.
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