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10 Derrickhand Interview Questions

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What do you enjoy about working on a rig?
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Why did you choose a career on the oil rig?
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Why do you want to work the derrick?
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How often do you call off work?
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Do you like to lead other team members on the rig?
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About Derrickhand

September 18th, 2017

Derrickhands work on oil rigs where they assist the driller. They perform a wide range of tasks related to maintenance of drilling equipment such as shale shakers and mud pumps. Their exact tasks may vary greatly from one drilling rig to another. This is a physically demanding job.
There are no minimum educational qualification requirements for this job. The most important requirement to become a derrickhand is the physical strength and stamina to meet the rigors of the job. The nature of the workplace requires that all workers, including derrickhands, must have thorough knowledge of relevant safety protocol.
Prospective employers will want to know why you chose to become a derrickhand and if you know what the job entails. They will also question your knowledge of safety measures related to oil rigs. Most employers will propose a training period before offering you a permanent position. Want to know more about the type of questions that employers ask when vetting applicants for a derrickhand position? You can find these when you go to Mock Questions.