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Computer Support Interview

26 Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

Question 1 of 26
Explain to me a common computer error as if I were a six year old.
User-Submitted Answers
Little Joe you get a message that says 404 Error Page, because the page with the cartoons you are looking for have been moved to another place.
Hang up all the process.
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Question 2 of 26
Could you describe your experience in communicating technical information to both non-technical and technical staff?
Question 3 of 26
After three months on the job, where do you see your performance being?
User-Submitted Answers
Able to solve majority of the problems with the help of documentation from previous problems and situations.
Question 4 of 26
Why do you want a job in customer support?
User-Submitted Answers
I have had the experience with dealing with customers in my first job as a waiter and my second job as an IT intern at a public library gives me the possibility to interact with people on daily basis and help solve their problems.
Question 5 of 26
Why are you the best fit for this job?
User-Submitted Answers
I have great people skills and inter communication skills which a=i gathered from my two previous jobs that had direct contacts with the general public.
I im higly motivatred, enjoy coming to work and making a joyfull working enviorment. Aswell as a patient person who works quietly but demenstrate high efficiency.
Question 6 of 26
How would you deal with staff who direct their frustration with computer problems at you?
User-Submitted Answers
I understand not everyone understand the way computers work and I will put myself in their position and try to explain to them that their problem is being solved and try to calm down and let them speak first.
Question 7 of 26
We expect our employees to answer phone calls throughout the day and log 4 hours of call time, can you handle that?
Question 8 of 26
Tell me about your college education?
Question 9 of 26
Where did your education with computers begin?
Question 10 of 26
How will you deal with staff who may have a difficult time understanding computers and different software applications?
Question 11 of 26
Could you tell us about a difficult situation with a user and how you handled it?
Question 12 of 26
If a customer demands to speak to a manager, what do you do?
Question 13 of 26
Customer support is not the most exciting job, how would you make it fun?
Question 14 of 26
Would you lie to a customer if it was best for the company?
Question 15 of 26
If a major product was recalled and our call center employees had to stay overtime, how would you react?
Question 16 of 26
Give me an example, outside of a call center, where you have pleased a customer?
Question 17 of 26
What did you like most about your previous customer support position?
Question 18 of 26
Have you ever called off work when you really could have went?
Question 19 of 26
Did you miss any days at work last year?
Question 20 of 26
Would you rather make a customer really happy or really upset?
Question 21 of 26
Give me an example of when you pleased a customer very much?
Question 22 of 26
Give me an example of when you made a customer really unhappy?
User-Submitted Answers
When I will not make him satisfy.
Question 23 of 26
Do you tend to give into customer complaints?
Question 24 of 26
Describe a situation when you had a negative customer reaction?
Question 25 of 26
What in the past demonstrates your ability to handle customer complaints?
Question 26 of 26
What experiences do you have in customer support?

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