Top 15 CNC Operator Interview Questions
1. What is a micrometer?
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List of CNC Operator Interview Questions
  1. What is a micrometer?
  2. What are the CN languages?
  3. How much more did you learn at your first job that your training didn't teach you?
  4. What is a vernier?
  5. How many sixteenths are in an inch?
  6. What makes you want to be a CNC Operator?
  7. How well have you adapted to a machine you were unfamiliar with?
  8. Whats the reason you applied to work at our shop?
  9. What challenges do you sometimes face while operating your machine?
  10. What was the toughest part you created as a CNC Operator?
  11. Have you ever messed up a part that cost your company a significant amount of money? What happened?
  12. What was your most difficult challenge while operating a machine?
  13. What CNC equipment have you worked with before?
  14. How much time in your career, have you spent operating a CNC machine?
  15. How was your education? How well did it prepare you for your first job?
  16. What versions of CAM do you know?
  17. Which machine do you have the most experience working on?
  18. How long have you been a CNC Operator?
  19. What do you know about our company and what we manufacture?
  20. Tell me about a time when you met a tough deadline.
  21. Where did you learn to be a CNC Operator? Have you ever thought about more training?
  22. Have you ever had an engineer design a part that you could not understand/read their directions? How did you overcome this obstacle?
  23. What did you dislike the most about your last shop?
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Rachelle Enns
CNC Operator Information
April 11th, 2014

Numerical control (NC) refers to the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium, as opposed to manually controlled via handwheels or levers, or mechanically automated via cams alone. The first NC machines were built in the 1940s and '50s, based on existing tools that were modified with motors that moved the controls to follow points fed into the system on punched tape. These early servomechanisms were rapidly augmented with analog and digital computers, creating the modern computed numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools that have revolutionized the manufacturing process.
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