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Why are you looking to work in M&A?

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    Why are you looking to work in M&A?

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    Recently, the XYZ case was in the news after the Supreme Court ruling - what did you think about that case?

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    What was your least favorite course in law school?

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    Tell me about your community involvement.

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    What soft skills do you think are important in M&A transactions?

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    If you were to assign a task to someone, what process would you use?

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    What room in your home do you clean first?

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    What legal risks would you look for in a merger?

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    What M&A experience can you bring to our firm?

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    What made you apply to our firm?

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    How do you organize information in a situation where there is no definitive answer but you are required to present the “best” option?

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    Why did you choose to go into law?

  13. 13.

    Describe a time where you made a mistake. How did you rectify the situation?

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    What did you learn during your externship or clinical program?

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    What was the hardest question on your law school exams?

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    How do you convince a colleague/classmate/family member to see a situation from your perspective?

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    Explain a situation where you had to perform a lot of research. How do you feel about that kind of work?

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    Have you ever disagreed with a supervisor? How did you resolve the disagreement?

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    Do you have experience reviewing contracts?

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    Why do you want to work in a law firm setting?

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    Can you tell me about a recent transaction in the news?

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    Do you consider yourself smart or hardworking?

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    What characteristics do you think make a good M&A lawyer?

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    How do you work under pressure?

  25. 25.

    Can you tell me about a time you worked on a team and what role you played?

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    How would you talk a client through a complex part of the M&A transaction?

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    How do you handle difficult situations when you have to tell someone no?

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    How would a friend describe you? Would they describe you the same way a past colleague would?

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    How would you describe this role of M&A Associate Attorney?

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    What questions do you have for me?