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Assistant Principal

30 Interview Questions & Answers

When have you made a difficult decision, in regards to education? What were the risks of your decision? What was the final impact?

Example #1
"The school I worked for was making budget cuts and I, along with the principal and board, had to decide which of two teachers to lay off. This choice was tough as they were professionally capable and I had good personal relationships with them. I made a pros and cons list, talked to their students and their students' parents, and discussed options with each of them extensively before making a decision. In the end, I wrote a stellar recommendation for the teacher we let go, and he got into an amazing school. I think it's essential to go the extra mile when making difficult decisions like this."
Example #2
"I have had to make difficult decisions, along with my principal, on a regular basis. The most challenging situations are surrounding students displaying behavioral issues. Often we need to make recommendations for these kids to be put into other programs. It is a challenge to talk to the parents about our concerns regarding their children."
Example #3
"We recently had to evaluate our educational offerings at the school, and for budgetary reasons, make necessary cuts to maintain for the upcoming school year. Valuing the aspects of math, science, history, language and the arts, we had some difficult decisions to make. My team and I worked together to combine the arts program and create a hybrid language program as an offering for student electives. We were able to meet budgetary requirements without compromising the integrity of a complete education - and it is something we are very proud of."
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