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As an animator, what do you believe is your best asset?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Animator interview

How to Answer

Animation has a wide variety of areas in which you can specialize. This question offers an excellent opportunity to discuss your specialty or any areas of expertise. If you are a facial animator, indicate that, for instance.

As an animator, what do you believe is your best asset?
Answer example

"Apart from all the skills I learned during my training to become an animator, my creativity is my best asset. There will be many others who may possess the knowledge of the programs and methods I use to create my animations but what others may not have is my creative eye and attention to detail, which sets my work above par."

Entry Level

"My best asset is my ability to see the big picture. I create the larger picture first, when working on a project, and then work my way into the more finite details."


"At the beginning of my career, I spent a great deal of time working as a freelance animator. This experience made me incredibly strong in the area of time-management and diligence. If I did not meet a deadline, I was not paid, so it was essential for me to be diligent and organized."

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As an animator, what do you believe is your best asset?
Pay attention to detail, fast at prototyping, creative mind, very skilled.
I am good artist and trained in traditional animation.
Self confidence and motivation good presentation and final outputs.
My best asset is to be create appealing poses that work with the timing required my the shot.
Storytelling, and being a creative director.
I am very active in sports, and therefore pretty in tune with my body and knowing how it moves and what happens to the body as it moves around in space.
My best asset would have to be my ability to come up with concepts quickly and to refine them into potential projects.
Having patience to do little more hard work.
I have a tendency to not leave my desk until my goal if finished, and frequently find myself setting a new goal that I again, won't leave unresolved.
My best asset is my fast-learning ability. I am able to receive and respond to critics quickly and be comfortable with a new software quickly. It’s my best asset because an animator needs to keep evolving.
I believe my best asset is being able to work quickly on projects.
The love I put into my work.
I really check that the movement makes sense, and subtle details.
I can animate in various type of application softwares..
I always willing to learn so I think this is not only my best asset but every animator best asset.
Not only do I believe I have the technical skill behind being a good animator, I believe my best asset is that I am a clear communicator, but also that I'm not afraid to make mistakes. If I do not have clear leadership or a clear goals, I still am capable of making decisions on the spot to get the job done on time. I thoroughly believe in the motto "ask for forgiveness later".
I believe in my best work for Quest DVD animation.
My attention to detail and careful problem solving. I feel with enough concentration and good use of reference I can create an animation that can really speak with audiences. Conveying emotion and life to a character is of utmost importance to me.
I believe that as an Animator, my best asset is I have a wide imagination which I can create great outputs in production.
Timing and smooth motion.
The ability to learn really quickly. I can pick up on workflow and software with one run through of the process.

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