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Why do you want a career in visual design?
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What all measures you would take to reduce the rendering time for a HTML page?
I've been working as a Visual Designer already with experience of around 10 years (1,5 of them as UX / UI designer), and I am looking to move to the Bay Area and find a job there.
Visual design its basically to show the our Ideas and think creatively to develop the skills in the design fields.
To implement my innovative ideas in graphics and animations.
To see my ideas serve the needs of both the user and the client.
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Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it?
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Just a recent one. Tough customer, who thought he'd know a lot about design and who wouldn't trust me in my decisions. He challenged me in every single line in every tiny icon. I decided to do sprints and daily calls to discuss the design and his suggestions and requests. I showed him this way, that his ideas don't make much sense in the project's context and visual identity and underpinned my design choices with valid arguments. After 4 days of daily updates he understood and now there's a trusting and super happy customer :)
If analysis the project and read the client comment in every steps to understand if any question is there I will ask client to clarify than do this work.
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What do you know about our organization?
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About MockQuestions? Honestly, nothing, I just stumbled upon this website because I googled "Visual Designer Interview".
It is a very good organization and the starts from long age and more than 1000 employees working here. And one of are friend referred this company.
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Tell me about a difficult time you had communicating your ideas to a graphic designer.
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Some time the designer not to understand the concept and design oriented methods that this to difficult to teach and finally I will make the changes.
I have had only difficult times communicating ideas to someone who is not in the design industry. Usually I take a pen and a paper to demonstrate my vision so people get an idea what I am talking about.
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Why would you make a great addition to our marketing team?
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OK, this is really fun, I truly appreciate this interview. By the way nice choice of Mandali font, its smooth lines and fun appearance fits very well to this little game. So obviously you are cool people, open-hearted to innovative ideas like this process here and I, with my restless passion for everything visually appealing, my anticipating and proactive style that already infected many of my colleagues fit just perfectly together. I help to set and maintain a high bar for design and work and support my team in all questions design and user experience.
The marketing team always to collaborate each one to communicate each other to delivery the correct inforamtion.
Because I know how to build a brand identity with help of visual design.
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About Visual Designer

August 18th, 2017

Visual designers are highly creative individuals who specialize in digital design. They are different from other designers in that they focus primarily on what the user will see on the screen. They do not do coding or any other behind the scenes work. The types of work that visual designers do include landing pages, web banner ads, icons, and email templates among others.
A bachelor's degree in any art and design related field is the minimum qualification required to become a visual designer. Visual designers must also be very proficient with using the Adobe Creative Suite. Some employers may require you to also be familiar with some other proprietary design-related software that they use to create their designs. A visual designer must have the ability to communicate using design.
Carrying along your portfolio of your best visual design works is important. This will allow potential employers to evaluate your work and decide right there and then whether your design style is what they are looking for. In addition to design-related questions, the interviewing panel will also ask you questions about your long and short term career goals. To assess your ability to communicate via design, the interviewer may ask you to create a design for a given set of specifications. Before going for the interview, make sure you go to Mock Questions and browse through the list of questions that are commonly asked at visual designer interviewers.