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3D Animator Interview

23 3D Animator Interview Questions

By: Rachelle Enns

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How do you keep up to date in changes within the animation industry?
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The interviewer would like to be assured that you have a true interest in the animation industry. Show that you spend your time getting to know the industry and educating yourself of trends, and changes. List a couple of your favorite resources and be sure to ask the interviewer about their preferences. It could be a great opportunity for you to learn!

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Why are you looking for a new animator position?
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When an interviewer asks you this, make sure you always keep your answer positive. If you are leaving your position because you don't like your boss, be sure to phrase it in a more eloquent way. If you aren't sure how, remember - it's always a safe bet to focus you answer on career growth and exciting opportunities.

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Can you talk to me about your GPA during undergraduate/graduate school?
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Are you satisfied with your GPA or would you change it if you could? Talk to the interviewer about your post-secondary experience.

If you were satisfied with your post-secondary experience: 'I graduated top of my class and am very proud of my accomplishments during University. The experience taught me to study hard and set goals for myself.'

If you were not satisfied with your post-secondary experience: 'I feel that my GPA could have been higher; however, I was working full time while attending classes. All in all, I did learn a lot about discipline and commitment.'
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If you had a co-worker call in sick and you were asked to take over their project requiring overtime from you, how would you react? Where do you draw the line when it comes to being a team player?
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Show your confidence to your interviewer by explaining your willingness to be part of the team and not being afraid to pick up the slack when needed, but make sure you don’t allow someone to take advantage of you.

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What is your current salary?
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A potential employer will often base their offer on your current salary. You should be transparent about your most recent earnings and be prepared to back up any salary requests.

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First written on: 05/21/2013
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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About 3D Animator

August 17th, 2017

A 3D animator is responsible for creating motion and movement in an inanimate three-dimensional object rendered in computer software. Popular software used in 3D animation include Autodesk 3ds, Autodesk Maya, Poser, and more. 3D animators work in office settings or remotely. Examples of projects 3D animators may work on include adding walking animations for humans, motion for moving parts in machines, or even landscapes. 3D animators often work in conjunction with writers, directors, voice actors, and other creative professoinals in order to create the desired effect. Being a 3D animators requires specialized knowledge and education. Depending on the 3D animator's specialization, knowledge of anatomy and the natural sciences can be important.

Job openings and vacancies for 3D animators can be found through a wide variety of channels. While some animators may secure positions in large video game studios like EA Games, Rockstar Games, and Ubisoft, many 3D animators are self-employed and find freelance work. The interview will assess whether you meet the technical requirements, your past work experience, and your cultural fit into the team that you'll be working with. Depending on the company, you may be expected to know how to use the animation software that the company uses, as well as knowledge of other systems that interface with that software.

To prepare for your interview, compile all of previous animations you've created to demonstrate your expertise. Create a demo reel that shows the most relevant work. For instance, if you're applying to animate human characters, start your reel with that kind of animation, not an animation of a car door. Include other animations that highlight your expertise and attention to detail. Be prepared to speak on how you're able to work on deadlines: think about your workflow and what exactly you do on a consistent basis. Having a set procedure will give your interviewer confidence in your ability to deliver your animations on time.