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Animal Nutritionist Interview

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What do you feel is the most important skill an animal nutritionist should possess?
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Why do you want a career as an animal nutritionist?
User-Submitted Answers
I am interested in the quality of feed that an animal receives since it determines its productivity and has an impact on its physiological status and welfare.
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How do you evaluate success?
Question 4 of 10
Why should we hire you?
Question 5 of 10
Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
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Considering the investment our company will do to prepare you professionally, can you give us a reason to hire you?
User-Submitted Answers
Fantastic question! I get excited about a job position especially when it is aligned with my educational background and skills as well as my values in term of innovation, excellence and a passion for animals. So there is no doubt in my mind that this would be a great fit. One of my key strengths is responsibility which means that whenever I take on a task I invest wholeheartedly to see it to fruition. As a result I have been entrusted with leadership roles, from being a class representative in high school two years in a row to being in the leadership of a church cell group to being recently nominated as a candidate for the SASAS north branch committee. I am not only resilient and adaptable but possess great interpersonal skills that have helped me develop great relationships with some of the most influential people within the industry.
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Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?
User-Submitted Answers
Established in a company that share same values as me where I have demonstrated consistent outstanding performance such as to earn me an opportunity at a of higher responsibility particularly product development.
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Tell me about a situation where you had to quickly adapt to inevitable changes as an Animal Nutritionist.
User-Submitted Answers
Well being a student, and I quote this as it is the only frame of reference I have at this moment, but being a student in the last year of my degree meant that things were always changing. Test dates were scheduled and rescheduled such that change was almost always in the agenda. So obviously to survive and make it one had to be adaptable as the test you thought was later on in the evening is actually going to be in the next hour.
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How do you get a peer or colleague to accept one of your ideas?
User-Submitted Answers
Discuss the current policy in place and how it can be improved. Talk about pros and cons of previous policy and pros and cons of new policy.
By getting the involved in the idea process so that they can hopefully appreciate the idea once the realize the thought process behind it. Also try and find out why they are against the idea, who knows maybe the open me up to seeing aspects that I never noticed.
Show and tell ideas and be direct.
I would include the in the idea process so that they may hopefully appreciate the idea more once they see the thought that went into it. I would also try and find out why they are not sold on the idea, maybe there is something that they are seeing that I am not aware of that I could better understand.
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What makes you passionate about being an Animal Nutritionist?
User-Submitted Answers
I love animals of all species, shape and size. I truly believe animals teach us and help us connect to nature. It would be an honor to provide nutritional care to ensure the health and well-being of the animals here at the Denver Zoo. I want to be a part of securing a better world for animals and a part of an organization that is committed to excellence in their mission.
Because I want formulate for varies class of animal's and by knowing feedstands I will be able to increase production.
Improving the quality of life from the stable to the table, being part of the solution of increasing food supply while having fun and making a living from it.
I love animals and I want to make the food they eat satisfying.
Growing up on a row crop farm along with raising 30 head of Registered Hereford Cattle made me interested in becoming an Animal Nutritionist.
Being able to influence the quality of life of people from the stable to the table while being part of a solution for world food security. Not leaving out the challenges as well as the application of scientific knowledge to overcome those challenges that make it so rewarding in the end.

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