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Top Advanced Nursing Professor Interview Questions

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Why do you want a career as an advanced nursing professor?
Question 2 of 8
Why should we hire you?
Question 3 of 8
Are you happy with your career as an advanced nursing professor?
Question 4 of 8
What do you feel is the most important skill an advanced nursing professor should possess?
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What methods have you used or would you use to assess student learning?
Question 6 of 8
Other than tests, how do you assess student learning?

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How do your life experiences prepare you for teaching?
Question 8 of 8
What three words would your students use to describe you?

About Advanced Nursing Professor

August 17th, 2017

Advanced nursing professors provide instruction and education to postgraduate students pursuing a career in professional nursing. Professorship typically requires licensure, a master's degree, and a minimum number of hours of experience. Professors create lesson plans and lectures, and also integrate hands-on projects for students. Professors work in offices and classrooms at colleges and universities, and their hours vary according to their course load and course schedule. An advanced nursing professor is expected to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and procedures. Professors may also be involved with the advancement of research projects in that university.

Job openings for advanced nursing professors can be found at colleges and universities that offer nursing programs as well as vocational schools. There may be several screening interviews. Throughout the process, you'll be assessed on your technical knowledge of the nursing profession, your ability to convey that knowledge to students, as well as your professionalism and adaptability. Because teaching students is its own skillset, you may be invited to share your pedagogical methods. The dean or another faculty member will assess your teaching style and compare it with the needs of the institution: they need to assess whether your educational and professional interests are aligned with their goals. These needs differ: some schools are research-intensive while others may be vocationally-focused.

To prepare for an interview for advanced nursing professors, keep in mind that you'll be a part of a much larger team. Both the dean and the faculty will be involved with your interview, so be prepared to show that you can fit in with everyone as a team player. Your ability to teach is also important, so think about examples in which you were able to break down a complex system and explain it to a novice. Take it one step further and think of examples when you took an individualized approach to teach a person something by adapting your teaching method to account for their unique perspective and experience.

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