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What is your greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Addiction Counselor interview

How to Answer

Depending on how you define success, your accomplishment may be a breakthrough you had with a patient. It could also be that you facilitated a discussion in a support group that helped several people come to important realizations.

Give an example that shows you care about your relationships with your patients and their success. When they accomplish something, that is a win for you!

What is your greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor?
Answer example

"My greatest accomplishment is being able to relate to patients on a personal level. I've been where they are and, because of this, they are able to open up to me on a more intense level."

Entry Level

"My greatest accomplishment has been finishing up my Master's degree in Counseling this past year. I am thrilled with this accomplishment and very eager to get starting in my new counseling career."


"Every patient that I have helped has been a success for me, along the way. Looking at this, and the bigger picture, I would say that my greatest work accomplishment is the positive reputation that I have in this industry."

View user-submitted Answers

What is your greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor?
Seeing someone get their 10 year sobriety chip.
Seeing a client being married and having a wonderful and stable life after being in treatment.
My greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor would be helping clients accomplish their goal.
Being able to successfully close a case that was open for three years.
Giving a 40 + year old man who had AIDS and was homeless the tools he needed to recover and thrive.
Seeing a patient through their recovery and watching them succeed.
Helping a young girl save her own life by keeping her positive and providing her with necessary life skills to change her life and she did.
Getting a woman who had been raped, dragged behind a car and left for dead stanalized, treated, and into a home of her own and into a job so she could stop prostitution and get her son back from the state.
I helped a client successfully manage her anxiety.
Seeing clients come back months later for AA/NA meetings and seeing them continue on the path to sobriety.
My greatest accomplishment was seeing one of my clients become accountable for their actions and understand what accountability truly means.
Having clients giving me positive feedback.
Achieving my Masters Degree and working towards becoming licensed.
Helping people turn their lives around or getting their lives back.
I am able to help the client feel comfortable enough to provide honest and detailed information creating a therapeutic relationship.
Understanding the transformative power of empathy. Being able to vicariously experience life through the addict lends to a general detachment from self, deepens psychological assessment and treatment planning while providing a powerful platform for trust.
My greatest accomplishment was when all of clients who experienced a break-up were able to move on.
Helping someone stay off.
My greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor is getting an opportunity to help an individual to change for the better, by giving them an opportunity to help themselves.
Building Rapport and comfort.
As a counselor, was to know that I can help to make a difference in the lives of others.
My greatest accomplishment was when I helped a client come to a major life decision. I used motivational interviewing and had the client go through the pros and cons of this situation. At the end, she came to her decision and I saw how positive she felt about it.
Privilege of offering support to people seeking help.
The amount of those that have stayed sober.
Advocating to have a client released from Dekalb county to come to our facilty where she is doing excellently.
My greatest achievement was returning to school and achieving my Doctor degree.
Helping clients understand how thier thinking lead them to use and see what areas of thier life they need to further work on to continue sobriety.
Being useful to others, sharing my experience, my struggles and victories.
Seeing clients move from addiction to sobriety.
Working with correction clients who were resistant to treatment.
I have not yet counseled.
I have not held a position as an addiction counselor but, my greatest accomplishment to date is graduating from college because I am the first person in my family to obtain a college degree.
Helping families find understanding and firmness to be successful.
That I was able to give resources to a family that accepted the help and the follow through with the family.
To watch a client of mine stay sober as his wife was diagnosed and died of cancer, he was so proud to be able to be there for his wife and family.
Being there for someone who needs support.
I think there are two accomplishments during my time working as an extern, which are that I am a quick learner and learnt 2 softwares really quickly and effectly. These softwares were where we would input all information of new patients and my supervisor noticed that I began by taking 30 minutes to input all of the information and by the end of my externship I could do it in 10 minutes. She commended me on this. Another accomplishment is that a client used to come to me for journalling and when he first came to the office he had all of his defenses up and refused to show any interest, but I was persistent and by the time I left the externship, he informed me of his own accord that he was graduating from the program in two weeks.
Anytime I can help just one person succeed feels like it is my greatest accomplishment. It isn't about me. It is about each individual.
The trust and rapport I build with my clients.
I haven't began my counseling career yet but any time I can see someone go through treatment and successfully navigate through life is a great accomplishment.
Restoring hope into the mind of the client.
Knowing that the clt left session feeling good about themselfs.
Being able to see a client still sober after 16 yrs.
My greatest accomplishment as an addiction counselor was the process I went through as I helped a shy, unhappy girl become a more lively, talkative client who wanted to see me and talk with me about her struggles but also her successes. It was humbling to look back and see all of the progress that she had made from the beginning and then to the end of our time together.
Being able to give msgs that work, building rappor and keeping them addictions free.

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