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How do you get along with others at work?
The interviewer wants to gauge if you can maintain healthy relationships in the workplace. They want to know more about the dynamics with your coworkers. Think about what you enjoyed about some of your relationships with past coworkers. Good communication, sense of humor, and support are all great qualities that make co-worker relationships healthy and harmonious.
Answer examples
"I get along great with my coworkers. I try to maintain a positive attitude and be supportive, whether I am offering to assist someone who is overwhelmed, or if I am taking time to listen to someone who is having a bad day."
"I have never had an issue when it comes to getting along with others at work. I am a conscious communicator and am sure to always express myself in a kind and professional manner."
"I can work with pretty much anyone. If we don't see eye to eye, I will work to find common ground."
Sales answer example
"I tend to get along really well with my coworkers, and if occasionally something comes up, I'm sure to address any issue so it doesn't fester and create a divisive work environment. I'm always trying to be supportive and a team player, whether or not I'm best friends with the person is not the issue or the point of work. More than anything, I want to always be positive and respectful, regardless of our personal differences or anything else."
Retail answer example
"I am a people person and have generally loved all of my coworkers. Typically, I've learned to just love them for their quirks and be glad I don't live with them, and move on with my life. If they're negative, the longest I'm with them at any one time is about 9 hours, and I can handle most anything for that time."
Teacher answer example
"I get along with most anyone I work with, teaching coworkers, supervisors, students, or parents. I know my job is to find common ground no matter what, so I always look for the best. Even when there are folks who disagree with my teaching style or what have you, I look to see it from their perspective and, especially if it's a student, I work to find a way in which I can reach him or her so I can be most effective."
Marketing answer example
"I generally enjoy the people I work with and can get along with anyone. I have actually made some of my closest friends from different workplaces, and I know how important relationships in the office are for not only camaraderie but also for accomplishing tasks within your team."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you get along with others at work?
Yes, lead technician has to communicate effectively.
Yes always enjoyed working with someone who would work with me.
Yes. I always work well with co-workers. I believe to be a good co- worker is always respect others and be humble. I believe that I have good morale conducts to work well with others.
Working with others is a critical teamwork when you work in a project to assure that every details are performing in the right direction.
Yes I will respect others very well this gives a better position where I am standing infront of you.
Yes I will work well with others I respect them with humble.
Yes, I really do thrive in a team environment.
I believe so and am always happy to listen to other stories since this is a grea at learning method for myself.
Good team player but always like to lead.
Yes I do its what I love and one of my main priority.
Working in team gives you an opportunity in dealing with different people .... Its a life experience.
Yes, I am an easy going person who mixes well with others. I am professional and friendly.
My forte - numerous example - Home Delivery System, WM - no one got on with. TM system WM that people could understand. Moved people over onto TUI system.
I am a very hard worker and am always like working with a team to accomplish a goal.
Yes, I believe I do. Believe that being a team player, where the needs of the customer out weighs everything, and we work together to assist them accomplish their goal, is the most important part of our job.
Yes I'm a team player work well with others.
Yes. I may be quiet and reserved at start but as time passes by I can blend in with my workmates.
I work very well with a wide range of different staff groups which is an essential skill due to the multidsciplinary nature of radiotherapy. An example of this is when I have attended the theatre procedures in HDR prostate brachytherapy, working with oncologists, radiographers and theatre staff to ensure a good distribution of needles is acheived.
I work extremely well with others because I seek out diverse opinions.
Yes. I can work alone or as a team. I've worked queues on team as large as 12 employees.
Yes, I can do the work with others, because I always want to learn something, know something, and apply to upon me to do work something special.
I am happy to work with others and implement my own skills and when working with a team motivating my team mates to help then meet their target.
Yes I can work with the team and can lead a team as well.
Yes interpersonal relationship is my best skills.
I like beeing part of a team and also I think the team is very importantv.
I do work well with others and welcome new ideas and constructive criticism however I also work well independently.In fact I worked from home for several years.
I work very well as part of a team, my current job entails team work and because I am a happy person I tend to lift the spirits and morale of other team members.
Absolutely! I don't like bragging about myself but I consider myself as people's person. I am a great listener and regard collaborative work as a key to success in a profession.
I do like working with others and consider it very important that we get on. I always make sure that I am approachable and encourage people when they need support.
Yes, I believe that nobody is perfect but a team can be. Therefore, I can easily get along with others to achieve team goals.
Yes. I am friendly, social and a team player.
I am a great team player and I respect my fellow team members as I carry out my tasks. Everyone in a team has an opinion and it is important to welcome contribution from others while respecting the organizational values.
Yes I'm a team players and will follow and directions given.