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Tell me about a time when you were in danger of missing a deadline. What did you do?

Example #1
" (Situation) Last month, our corporate head office requested a full inventory count at random. We had just 48 hours to complete this count when these inventory counts typically take three full days to complete. (Task) I am the team lead, so it was up to me to determine how the team was going to make this happen. (Action) I rescheduled us to work longer split shifts to ensure we met the timeline without overworking anyone. I turned the task into a competition where the first person to complete their inventory section received two free movie tickets. (Result) My plan worked well! We finished the inventory count in just 39 hours, and the team remained motivated."
Example #2
"(Situation) My team and I were recently under a deadline to complete a global employee satisfaction survey. (Task) Our deadline was to execute the project from start to finish within six weeks. Before beginning, we came across one main roadblock that was going to prevent us from accomplishing this. Global customs would take six weeks to ship the surveys in and out of the facility. (Action) We came up with a solution to email the surveys and still include the coding that would catalog the results by location and department. (Result) It was our transparency in communications and collaborative work environment that helped us meet the deadline and deliver the results to the leadership team."
Example #3
"(Situation) This past year my Regional Manager wanted to have a new sales rep hired and trained for the first week of January. (Task) She informed me of this only on the first of December. (Action) To expedite the process, I requested a budget allowance to hire a recruiter. (Result) The recruiter worked fast, and we had an offer out to the perfect candidate in just three weeks."
Example #4
"(Situation) I was once part of a marketing project that had a major set back based on the crash of our project management software. (Task) As the Marketing Manager, it was up to me to find the solution so that our team did not lose traction on our deadline. (Action) I went to the project backup database, quickly reviewed everyone's open tasks, rearranged the schedule, and called an emergency team meeting to set us back on course. (Result) We barely made it in time, but we did, and I was very proud of the hard work my team put in to make it happen."
Example #5
"(Situation) Recently, I was called into work at the last minute to help complete a buying deadline. (Task) Our previous manager had left suddenly, so I was asked to step in and make buying recommendations for next season. (Action) I stayed up for hours that night reviewing last year's data for the same season, to make educated recommendations to corporate. (Result) In the end, the company made many of their buying decision based on my recommendations. I was so nervous throughout the entire season that I may have made an inaccurate representation of our data and put my job at risk. As it turned out, I was pretty near dead-on, and we had a successful summer season."
Example #6
"(Situation) I currently work as a telephone sales representative in a highly competitive environment. I recently had a chaotic week where Monday was a holiday, and on Tuesday, our company database was down. (Task) Tasked with cold calling 100 prospects per day, my numbers do not change despite long weekends or tech roadblocks. This setback meant that I needed to complete five days of work in just three. (Action) I spent a few hours of overtime and skipped my lunch breaks so that I would meet my target. I called 150 people per day and 200 on the final day. (Result) My boss was thrilled with the dedication that I showed and thanked me for not making excuses and hitting my targets despite the roadblocks."
Example #7
"(Situation) Last year, during curriculum writing, we had some conflict about what lessons would be added, cut, or kept. Because of this conflict, our faculty fell behind on the curriculum deadline. (Task) Of course, as a dedicated teacher, my students and their learning always come first. I knew I needed to hustle to reach these curriculum goals before the start of the year. (Action) Ultimately, I ended up working longer hours than usual to make my final recommendations and revisions. (Result) In the end, I was able to reach my professional deadlines. I believe that my passion showed in the inspired curriculum changes I contributed."
Example #8
"A common deadline that I have is to get our contact order out every Monday afternoon. There are times that our Monday's are quite hectic so I make a point to set aside 1 hour to get our orders out. I've also made a point to train each of our opticians to submit the contact order so we can cover each other if the other is busy or not at work."
Example #9
"I frequently work on tight deadlines, which I throughly enjoy. To make sure I meet them, I anticipate and identify the most pressing project and use to-do lists and a calendar to keep track of all upcoming duties and important events. I review my list every morning and at the end of each day to ensure the duties assigned were completed in a successful fashion. I also do not hesitate to work overtime or delegate if necessary."
Example #10
"I always meet deadlines because I am extremely organized and do not wait at the last minute to get started on projects. I use lists and calendar reminders to ensure I do not forget anything and I review these lists daily."
Example #11
"I find I do some of my best work under pressure because I am able to focus on the topic at hand instead of worrying about the other work I have for the rest of the day. I found that taking my day assignment by assignment makes it go by faster, and keeps me relaxed."
Example #12
"My team was facing an end-of-year crunch to turn in final plans for a highway bridge last year. I embraced the opportunity to work extra knowing that things would slow down and get back to normal after the submission. I don't mind working overtime if it's required to help our firm meet deadlines and keep clients happy."
Example #13
"I have experience submitting stories under a tight deadline, and my quality of work remains the same regardless of whether or not I am crunched for time."
Example #14
"There have been many times I have only had one single work day to complete a video story for television. Although there are so many aspects of the job to complete, including posting to social media, I consistently produce creative writing and good quality video, and I get better every time."
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