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Answering Behavioral Questions

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How do you handle working with little to no supervision?

Example #1
"I am a reliable employee who works hard, no matter who is watching. You can rest assured that I deliver great work at all times. Would you say that this role is loosely, or more closely, supervised?"
Example #2
"In my current role, I work under little supervision. I have been with my current employer for five years, and we have developed much trust. I certainly would not expect all the flexibility in the world right away. Would you mind elaborating on the workplace culture, namely the supervision levels, in this role?"
Example #3
"I am accustomed to very little supervision as a manager. Also, I offer a good amount of supervision for my team, but I also give them the flexibility to do what they do best, without unnecessary interference. Do you believe in close supervision, or do you prefer a more hands-off approach with your employees?"
Example #4
"I enjoy close supervision on particular areas of a project, and then I need room to work during other more independent project stages. I believe that a talented marketing director knows when to step in and when to give room to work. Would you agree?"
Example #5
"In retail, there is a lot of close supervision, especially when I work the same floor shifts as my manager. With that said, I am a hard worker and would have no issues when it comes to working more independently. I will deliver more than my base expectations, regardless of the supervision level. How would you describe the level of supervision in this role?"
Example #6
"The sales roles that I have worked have always offered a great deal of autonomy. I prefer working in an environment that offers an environment where I can freely deploy my methods to close sales and exceed my targets. I do understand that it takes some time to establish that level of trust, however. Would you say that this company offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to supervision levels?"
Example #7
"As a teacher, most of what I do is in an unsupervised environment. This fact is not to suggest that I have free reign in everything that I do. Little day-to-day supervision is simply a typical classroom environment. I am a responsible and independent person who can succeed in any role, regardless of high or low supervision levels."
Example #8
"I am a reliable employee who works hard, no matter who is watching. You can rest assured that I deliver great work at all times. Would you say that this role is loosely, or more closely, supervised?"
Example #9
"My previous Captain was very confident in my ability to work successfully on my own. I am able to work well in a team setting and on my own. Neither scenario is a concern to my productivity."
Example #10
"In my current role, I work on second shift where my direct supervisor and manager are not in-house for most of my shifts. I was entrusted with the lead role on our small team of second shift staff because of my ability to make critical decisions while following organizational procedures. "
Example #11
"I always knew I wanted to be a nurse; there was no doubt about that. When I began to research the different careers that are available for nurses, I was surprised to find out how much demand there is for travel nurses. I love what I do!"
Example #12
"I work very well without much help, and in fact, I like working alone for most of the project. I enjoy seeing how far I can go without someone telling me how to change what I have done, and while I like some constructive criticism, I like the fun challenge of seeing how I can create my best work without anyone else."
Example #13
"If there is an immediate danger to a patient or someone in my care, I would make sure to offer assistance to get them to safety. I would then follow my supervisor's instruction or facility protocol."
Example #14
"In my current role, I work with minimal supervision. I perform my documentation and research independently, and then I collaborate with my team when it comes to some strategize on a case, or lining up interviews. I am receptive to feedback and take direction well, making me a strong candidate for roles that offer minimal supervision."
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