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Wegmans Pros and Cons

1. They treat there customers with respect and help with college. April 2nd, 2012

2. Good friendly environment, Scholarship benefits, Easy to get to right after school, friendly staff. April 18th, 2012

3. Wegmans is one of the 100 best companies to work for. May 8th, 2012

4. The age (15) the scholarships, the ability to move up, and the fact that they are very nice to their employees,. Like a family atmosphere. May 28th, 2012

5. Working at wegmans would give me the opportunity for work experience. July 3rd, 2012

6. Good reputation for customer service. October 31st, 2012

7. The money, close to where I live, the workers are friendly. March 1st, 2012

8. Wegman's has been around for a long time and is continuing to grow in a struggling economy. Always at the top of the fortune 500 list of companies to work for. They are a stable business that is on the rise. March 23rd, 2012


1. I dont see a disadvantage. May 28th, 2012

2. I don't think there are any! September 7th, 2012

3. Loyal, responsible, hard working. September 7th, 2012

4. You always need to be on and be ready at any time. September 7th, 2012

5. In a little over a year, I hope to being going to college. The only disadvantage is that there may not be a Wegmans in an advantageous proximity. October 31st, 2012